Christmas Gift Idea: High Definition Outdoor Projector

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for someone who already owns an Open Air Cinema Outdoor Movie system?В  Upgrading their outdoor projector to an OAC True HD projector is the perfect gift that will significantly enhance their outdoor movie experience.В  Standard definition outdoor projectors are definitely sufficient in creating a larger-than-life image that your audience will enjoy, however a high definition outdoor projector will deliver an image that will nearly match your high definition tv.В  Many people today are used to the clarity of full definition images, and Open Air Cinema's high definition outdoor projectors will keep you and your audience on the edge of their seats! Keep in mind that there are a couple options for upgrading your outdoor projector.В  There are 720 and 1080 high definition outdoor projectors.В  Both are a significant upgrade from standard definition outdoor projectors, but 1080 will give you the highest clarity available, and will fully utilize your Blu Ray player.В  There are also different projectors for different size screens, so make sure you order the proper projector for your screen size.В  Luminosity is a major factor in choosing an outdoor projector to meet your needs with your outdoor movie system.В  Presently the only way to order a projector by itself through Open Air Cinema is by calling us (1-866-802-8202) or contacting us through our web form. An friendly representative from Open Air Cinema will be in touch with you shortly, and will assist you in finding the outdoor projector that will work with your budget and needs. We look forward to talking with you about upgrading your outdoor projector to OAC True HD!

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