Choose the right Outdoor Movie System For You

Outdoor Movie System So you're looking for an outdoor movie system - you're probably wondering, which one is right for me? Open Air Cinema has designed a number of systems that are meant to entertain audiences of different sizes and types - so no matter what you're looking to do - we have an outdoor movie system for you!

CineBox Lite Outdoor MovieВ System

The newest, lightest, and most portable addition to the Open Air Cinema family of outdoor movie systems, Cinebox Lite is designed for intimate viewing experiences on the go, or on a whim.В  With a 73 diagonal screen, it's much larger than home TV and sets up in no time flat. Outdoor or indoor, the slim screen is a cinch to set up in the backyard, at the beach, in the living room, or the streets or a city! The secret is a portable power station that lets you set up, anywhere you can imagine.

CineBox HomeВ Outdoor MovieВ System

Designed for a special evening at home with family, friends or neighbors, the CineBox Home system is just right for an outdoor movie system in the backyard on a special night with loved ones. With screens ranging from 9' to 20' wide, the Home systems are designed to entertain from 30 to 500 outdoor movie goers. The inflatable screen comes with a powered air blower for easy set up. Birthday parties, weddings, or surprise treats are just a few of the ways the Home system could be put to magical use.

CineBox ProВ Outdoor MovieВ System

For events, functions and larger celebrations, CineBox Pro is the system for professional event producers, creating a memorable outdoor movie systemВ night for clients and patrons. With screens ranging from 9' to 20' wide, the Pro systems are designed to entertain from 30 to 1000 outdoor movie goers. Along with the Elite system, the CineBox Pro's professional grade components are reliable and durable enough to last for years to come.

CineBox EliteВ Outdoor MovieВ System

The system that puts the full cineplex experience outdoors and under the night sky, CineBox Elite is the outdoor movie system for community parks, film or music festivals, military bases, or any large-scale gathering.В  With screens ranging from 20' to 40' wide, the Elite systems are designed to entertain from 500 to 3000+ outdoor movie goers. The elite's components are only the best professional grade systems that would be expected at any high visibility event. Open Air Cinema is the one to trust.

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