Charleston, South Carolina: Cinebarre Theater Goes on Location Throughout Charleston

Cinnebarre On Location in Charleston, South Carolina

Outdoor Movies in Charleston, South CarolinaDinner-and-a-movie dates everywhere were already one-upped by Cinebarre providing a restaurant-style menu, service and drinks to its theater experience. And just when you thought going to the movies couldn't get any better, Cinebarre went and outdid itself. Now, Cinebarre is portable. Cinebarre On Location is a multifaceted entertainment machine. The theater, on Houston Northcutt Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, is taking movies to you. Going to areas throughout Charleston, Cinebarre On Location will show movies outside for the whole community to enjoy. The party and all-you-can-eat menu will be themed to the movie being shown, beer wagons will accompany the food and DJs or live music will entertain for two hours before showtime. "The coolest thing about this venture is that rarely, if ever, can you go to the movies and hang out with people and sit and eat and have some social time," said Cinebarre's Director of Special Events Christina Callison. "My generation didn't really get to experience the drive-in movie phenomenon and I envy that. This is the modern drive-in. Parking won't be an issue, we have a lot of space, the sound quality is great, we'll have surround sound around the whole area, you'll feel like you're in the movie. It provides a lot more excitement and the entertainment factor is much bigger." Most scheduled locations will be able to accommodate around 2,000 people and every location is selected just for the showing. Attendees also will be asked to bring their own seating. This means anything from blankets to chairs or even couches. In addition to surround sound, the movie will be shown from an actual feature film projector and the reel will be built just like it is in theaters in the portable projection trailer. "And the screen is 31 by 46 feet. It's huge, it's tremendous, it's so much bigger than our normal screens in the theater," Callison said. "It inflates in six to eight minutes flat and goes up seamlessly. It doesn't blow over, it's weather resistant. Our CEO believes in doing it right the first time. It definitely is the sturdiest thing. And the inflation of the screen will be part of the show. It's a really cool thing to watch happen." On-location showings will start with the "Midnight Special," which will be showing the most-anticipated movies at midnight the night before their official release. Future shows will include old movie classics, new releases, children's events, a pet event where you can bring the family's best friend and holiday events showing relevant favorites. "It is way more awesome because of every aspect," Callison said. "Where else can you go and get all you can eat food, beer, watch a concert or have a DJ, hang out with your friends and see a movie? It's a night where you would go to six different places, but here, it's all in one. It's pure and total entertainment. It's the entire experience. There's not anything like it." By Samantha Test Special to The Post and Courier Source:

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