CEO of the Rwanda Cinema Center, Eric Kabera, Touring the US

Outdoor Movies in RwandaThis entry was taken from the official blog of the Rwanda Cinema Center and its CEO, Eric Kabera. For more information check out CEO and founder of the Rwanda Cinema Center, Eric Kabera, will be touring the US from September to November this year. Eric's main aim on this tour will be to meet with potential partners and supporters of RCC and reinforce their relationship with the TRIBECA Film Institute. RCC along with the TRIBECA Film Institute are working to create an exchange program which will enable Film students from Rwanda to visit the US and get a first hand experience the US film industry. Film students from the US will get the same opportunity in Rwanda. Eric will be visiting universities that have shown an interest in RCC and Rwandan films namely; the University of Southern California (USC) and some universities in Michigan. He will be meeting up with groups from Hollywood to further develop our relationship and will be talking especially to comedy writer Edward Greenberg. This tour will also serve to present our achievements and prospects to the interested parties. Our progress on the independent movies theatre will especially be presented to Philip and Monica Rosenthal, who helped materialize it from a simple idea.In addition, Eric will be meeting with the manufacturers of inflatable screens in Utah to discuss and further explore the use of this technology. Upon the success of Eric's tour to the US, RCC hopes to officially launch film classes at the first film institute in Rwanda (Rwanda Film Institute) by next year. We hope to have updated a yearly calendar and to have recruited mentors to kick-start this phenomenon. Finally we hope to have introduced, to potential producers, our first comedy feature called CBB (formerly under the title ‘Dodou Goes to the World Cup‘). If any of this has inspired or even made you a tiny bit curious, please get in touch by leaving a comment on Eric's blog ( or by contacting Eric himself at If you are a producer and are interested in film from Rwanda, Eric would be over the hills if you were to contact him or better yet meet up with him on tour. Here are some dates and locations for those interested: New York (20th 28th September, 22nd and 27th October,7th 8th November) Michigan (28th September 3rd October) Los Angeles (4th 11th and 14th 22nd October) Utah (11th 14th October) Boston (22nd 26th October) Atlanta (27th 31st October) Washington (1st 6th October)

The Rwanda Cinema Center

The Rwanda Cinema Center was created to facilitate film and video production; to deliver informative, entertaining, and educational content; and to explore a wide spectrum of issues and raise awareness on local and global development agendas, community outreaches, and socio-cultural, political and economic development. Film is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, but it also represents an industry that is growing- thus creating trades, foreign investments and job opportunities. Rwanda is now a country on the move and their cultural diversity and creative energy is finding the space to flourish. In addition, Rwanda Cinema Center is putting up Rwanda's first independent movie theater. This will be the scene of workforce training and include a sound stage that can be used by public and private entities. The main hall will be built to the same standards used for Los Angeles and Hollywood facilities. There, filming of major motion pictures, television documentaries, commercials and independent films will take place. It is hoped the complex will meet every aspect of a production company's needs. This investment will mean more jobs and opportunities for the Rwandan people, and will facilitate the growth of Rwandan cinema.

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