Busan, South Korea: Innovative Architecture Makes Use of an Open Air Cinema in Busan, South Korea

Open Air Cinema for the Busan Film Festival in South Korea

City Sofa, the future of film palace in Busan by MVRDV Architect

http://www.shearyadi.com/myworld/city-sofa-the-future-of-film-palace-in-busan-by-mvrdv-architect/ The aspiration for this new film palace in Busan can be read as a demand for a strong and attractive ‘figure' that celebrates the festival atmosphere and becomes a remarkable and festive background for the Busan Film Festival and the other activities. The site imposed specific urban requirements. In order to arrange for a strongly visible building, the later program was positioned at the northern side of the terrain, adjacent to the future media industry environment. The needed volume is imagined as a single layer of the demanded program, to be sorted in clear functional zones that allow for independent usage throughout the year. In these programmatic zones the different volumes are positioned in a series of ‘boxes' with streets in between. The palace can thus be conceived as a cinematic ‘village', which incorporates all programmatic elements. All programs participate in the functioning of the palace. This volume, this organization diagram has been ‘curled' up to create a 'sandwich' of festive places: an interior valley-like palace positioned between dramatic plazas below and an unprecedented urban open air cinema on top. It combines an interior space with a covered and an open exterior space, suitable for different times of the year. It makes a remarkable volume, an urban ‘chair'. It allows positioning the building within the maximal coverage of the site.

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