Buffalo, New York: Outdoor Movie Screen Brings Big Fun to Buffalo!

Sitting outside under the stars while watching movies was an experience once reserved for drive in movie theaters, but now individuals can enjoy a movie outdoors in the comfort of their own backyard! Over the past year, TEC Entertainment has begun renting it's huge inflatable movie system all over Western New York and beyond. The system includes a gigantic 25'x15' movie screen, professional projection and sound equipment set-up. While guests are waiting for dusk, the experts in entertainment play pulse-pounding music to get attendees excited for the movie to come. We've received calls for the movie theatre for every type of celebration imaginable, corporate parties, backyard birthdays, bloc parties, college campuses, even summer camps in the Adirondacks have used us! states TEC Entertainment Inc. event manager Kimberly Buchner. For even more fun, the large projector can be hooked up to popular gaming systems including the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3. Other ways to enjoy the outdoor movie screen include setting up the system near a community swimming pool to host a Splash In showing of classic water related movies with mermaids and pirates. Local businesses can host drive-ins with the aid of radio transmission devices so everyone can enjoy an outdoor movie in the comfort of their own vehicle. TEC Entertainment also can provide popcorn and other concessions such as snow cones, slushies, cotton candy, or nachos with cheese. Working with movie licensing companies such as Swank and Criterion, TEC Entertainment Inc legally licenses public viewings of popular movies. In the occurrence of rain, the movie screens can be set up indoors in a gymnasium or other large indoor venue. Otherwise, if the movie cannot be played due to rain, it can be rescheduled within the next year, so there's no need to fear inclement weather common to Buffalo, NY. For more information on renting an outdoor movie theatre contact TEC Entertainment Inc at 716-877-4400 or to see the video screen in action online visit: http://www.titanentertainmentinc.com/outdoor-drive-in.php Write them at 4248 Ridge Lea Road, Amherst, NY 14226.

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