Budapest, Hungary: Sziget Festival Offers Outdoor Movies in an Open Air Cinema

The Sziget Cinema introduces new programmes and lots of curiosities at a new location. The open air cinema of roaring success will move this August from the over-inhabited field where it used to be to the vicinity of the beach, the earlier location of Trend sziget. This place is ideal for quiet, relaxed, quality outdoor movie experience.

Unlike earlier, the cinema programmes will be opened by the French Philharmonique de la Roquette every day they accompany classic silent movies with live music. The members of the company from Arles: Laurent Bernard (keyboards), Emmanuel Duchemin (sound effects, sound system), Maryse Gattegno (bass guitar, vocal), Julien Kamoun (drum, music saw) use the works of such well-known artists as Buster Keaton (The General, Spite Marriage, The Cameraman), Fritz Lang (Metropolis), or F. W. Murnau (Nosferatu, Sunrise) and adopt early news reports, animated films, and even cartoons not only to entertain by accompaniment but by the re-interpretation and re-thinking of these films in a most enjoyable way. Outdoor movies following the openings include past year's movie hits and a collection of shorts of independent studios and workshops ensuring quality and satisfaction.

Just like in the past two years, famous actors and directors welcome visitors at Sziget MovieNet tent. There will be theme days designed to tempt fans to attend sessions. One day see last year's hit cartoons; on science fiction day encounter storm troopers around the tent and be prepared, this time they will not come alone. Horror day will scare you, burlesque day will make you laugh and stunts and action movies will excite you.

This year you can also take part in the animation workshop where you can learn the basics and anyone can make their shorts if they show a little perseverance.

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