Bresnan Communications Shows Appreciation for Customers with Outdoor Movies

As the MasterCard commercials suggest, Americans are interested in priceless experiences. And a priceless experience is what Bresnan Communications recently provided for it's customers when it announced an outdoor movie tour as a show of appreciation for its customers.

We've always done customer appreciation in some form, explains Sean Howard, the Bresnan Communication's Public Relations Specialist. The idea was to partner with a television company we often work with, and together we decided to do a community outdoor movie screening.

The idea sort of blossomed. People are really grateful we are doing something cool and free, it really cuts on the cost. It means a lot to people to have an event to do with their children, Howard states. Bresnan Communications now puts on several of these screenings on an Open Air Cinema screen, mostly focused in the summertime to take advantage of all the available outdoor venues.

We usually work with a partner and we always show a family friendly movie so people don't have to worry about bringing their kids, says Howard. Some of these family-friendly movies include: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Wizard of Oz, and Open Season.

It's really nostalgic to see kids watching the Wizard of Oz for the first time, Howard recalls. And the kids are so mesmerized with the screen, they're always running up to it trying to figure it out. In addition to the family friendly movies Bresnan Communications offer free service initiatives such as providing digital fingerprinting services for the children who attend the outdoor movies.

Bresnan provides child fingerprinting and id photos at designated Bresnan Safety Net booths, as part of the ongoing Bresnan Safety Net community relations campaign. Howard is one of the lucky people who gets to drive the equipment to the different events. I like to joke that I'm touring with the Grateful Dead, with all this sound equipment in my car, says Howard who enjoys these events. I get to meet all sorts of people.

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