Black Friday Sound Dampening Blower Box Deals on Open Air Cinema's Website

We are excited to announce that for Black Friday 2010, on November 26 starting that morning at 12:00, we will be holding a special Black Friday Sale with pricing that will knock your socks off! If you own an outdoor movie screen, or backyard theater system, a Sound Dampening blower box will complete your system, creating an even quieter environment for your outdoor movie events. Our Sound Dampening blower boxes muffle the noise of your portable movie screen fan.В  For many situations, a blower box is not necessary, as the audio system that comes with your outdoor movie system will often override the fan noise.В  But there are certain scenarios where a Sound Dampening Blower Box is needed: Wedding receptions or conferences where you are displaying images on a screen but no sound, small enclosed areas that reflect the sound from your fan, and situations where your audience is sitting closer to your screen than usual.В  Even if you don't mind the minimal sound of your outdoor movie screen fan, a Sound Dampening blower box will eliminate a significant percentage of the fan noise, allowing for a crystal clear audio-visual experience. The following pricing will apply to the Sound Dampening blower boxes on November 26, 2010 (only available at the online store) Small Sound Dampening Blower Box (fits Home 9', 12', and Pro 9' Screens) MSRP $199 Friday $119 Medium Sound Dampening Blower Box (fits Home 16', Pro 12', 16' Screens) MSRP $249 Friday $149 Large Sound Dampening Blower Box (fits Elite 20', 25', 30', 40' Screens) MSRP $499 Friday $299 Contact us today if you have any questions about Black Friday pricing on the Sound-Dampening Blower Boxes! We'd love to discuss the advantages of this unique patent pending sound-dampening system.

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