Best Outdoor Movie Equipment for a Party Rental Company

A party rental company's mission is to entertain many people. An outdoor movie theater is one of the most effective ways to make your audience happy. The outdoor movie equipment has a variety of designs and component combinations.

Here are the recommendations of the best outdoor movie combos based on our outdoor movie event production experience and the experience of our clients.

Open Air Cinema 12' Outdoor Movie System

16' complete outdoor movie system + Home 12' screen kit

The typical audience size at the private movie-under-the-stars parties does not exceed 250 viewers. A 16' x 9' inflatable screen is perfect for such an audience. But oftentimes your client will want a smaller screen, especially at the venues that have a limited space. For such occasions we recommend you add a 12' x 7' screen to your lineup. So the best basic combo for a party rental company would be a 16' Home complete system and an additional 12' inflatable screen — that will work perfectly well with AV components made for 16' x 9' complete system.

Open Air Cinema Home lineup advantages for party rentals

Despite its name, the Open Air Cinema Home series has its advantages over the Pro lineup when it comes to making outdoor movie screenings at the parties.
Home screens have a smaller footprint which is useful for limited-space venues.
A complete Home theater system is lighter in weight, compared to Pro.

Open Air Cinema 12' x 7' Pro Screen by the Pool

Add a Pro 12' screen for the pool parties

If you have Home complete outdoor system from Open Air Cinema you can expand your service offering by adding the right kind of inflatable screen to go with the pool parties. A Pro 12' x 7' screen kit from Open Air Cinema is splash-proof, has its air blower attachment behind the screen, and allows 100% coverage during rear projection.

Keep in mind that the AV equipment meant for the larger screen can work with smaller screen sizes — but not vice versa. For instance, you can use the AV equipment from Open Air Cinema Home 16' complete theatre with a Home/Pro 12' or Home 9' screens. But you cannot use the projector or sound system included into CineBox™ Home 9' with CineBox Home 12'.

Open Air Cinema Systems are never enough

When party rental companies should consider getting an additional outdoor movie system

When you begin to rent out an outdoor movie system in your area, the word-of-mouth effect kicks in, bringing you an increasing number of new orders. You will soon find yourself in a situation when a single piece of outdoor movie equipment isn't enough for the existing demand.

A middle-sized complete outdoor movie system and an additional smaller screen is an ideal starter kit for a party rental company that's looking to expand its offering to customers in mood of a movie night under the stars. When you start with this service you will quickly discover that an additional set of equipment would be needed to satisfy the growing demand.

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