Baseball City League Summer Time Movie

inflatable movie screen The peak of broiling summer sun is here. Luckily at night here in Utah things thankfully cool down with the desert breeze.В  Last night a couple of us Open Air employees helped support the local city baseball club. В  We set up one of the towering 40 foot EliteВ inflatable movieВ screens. В It's surprising every time we deal with a 40 footer! Standing next to it is a comparative shock. Two of us rolled it around easily deflated, but once it inflated, it became a city building. We set up all the outdoor movie equipment early and waited around in the shade of the screen at the baseball diamond. В The players played their games in the fields adjacent to us.В  Finally the athletes finished up and ran over to us to take a spot in front of the screen. В We turned off the stadium lights and pressed play on a classic comedy flick.В We had a great time and were happy to support the teams, even though pack up and returning equipment took till late into the night! We hope everyone has great plans for the 4th. Parades, block parties, pick up games of baseball, tofu barbecues, citronella air, and blackpowder fireworks. The neighborhoods of the USA are getting together, probably not a few will use inflatableВ movie screens.

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