Bargarh, Orissa, India :Dhanu Yatra From Today Also Included Outdoor Movies

Stage is set for 11-day open air theatre - Dhanu Yatra - beginning tomorrow. With the central theme of the festival borrowed from ‘Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay', the enactment of day one will begin with wedding of King Kansa's sister Devaki with Basudev.   The festival which is a synthesis of stage, theatre and cinema is held preceding ‘Pousa Purnima'. To make the festival livelier, a State-level handloom exhibition-cum-sale will be organised jointly by Sambalpuri Bastralaya and Development Commissioner for Handloom, Ministry of Textile, besides a Pallishree Mela organised by ORMAS. This apart there will be the traditional ‘Meena Bazaar' which will have joyrides and a variety of utility items on sale.   At least 50 cultural troupes, including those from Eastern Zonal Cultural Council, Kolkata and Odissi Research Centre, Bhubaneswar, are slated to perform during the festival. source- =&SectionID=mvKkT3vj5ZA=&MainSectionID=fyV9T2jIa4A=&SectionName=nUFeEOBkuKw=&SEO=

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