Barbeque Outdoor Movies With Open Air Cinema's Inflatable Movie Screen Systems

Barbeque Cinema Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your new Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system.В  You can also use our online contact form, and we'll get back in touch with you as soon as possible. We look forward to talking to you! Summer is here, and one of the best things about the season is barbecues! There is nothing better than getting together in the backyard with friends and family to enjoy tasty shish kabobs, hamburgers or hot-dogs, or tasty ribs. But really, we all know that barbecues are as much about the company as they are about the food.В  That's why turning your barbecue into an outdoor movie night is a great idea - you can extend your time with family and friends while watching a favorite flick under the stars! Open Air Cinema rips the roof off the home theater and brings the magic of the big screen right into your own backyard. We create a full lineup of outdoor movie systems, and have designed a specific line with backyards in mind.В  The Cinebox Home outdoor movie systems come in three sizes, with 9, 12, and 16 foot inflatable movie screens that are coupled with high definition audio visual systems. An Open Air Cinema portable movie screen system comprises an inflatable movie screen, a high definition outdoor projector, a set of outdoor speakers, a Cinebox audio visual console, and all the cables and connectors you need. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 and we'll be happy to help you place your order.В  You can also order your outdoor movie system right in the Open Air Cinema online store! Open Air Cinema outdoor entertainment systems are just that - for outdoor entertainment of all kinds. Although one of the most used applications is watching the latest and greatest movies under the stars, you can also hook up your inflatable movie screen system to a video game console (such as to your wii, playstation, or x-box), connect your satellite or cable TV connection to watch the big game, hook up your iPad or laptop computer, and virtually any audio visual device! With all these applications, you'll never want to be inside this summer. And don't forget that Father's day is coming up on June 21 this year.В  An Open Air Cinema system is just what dad deserves.В  He is sure to be the envy of all of his friends, and the entire block.В  When you get him an outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema, he'll know that you and the family think he's the best dad on earth.В  Contact us today to order your outdoor movie system in time for Father's Day. You can call us at 866-802-8202, or use our online contact form. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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