Bakersfield, California: Christmas Decorating Fiend Adds Outdoor Movies on an Inflatable Screen to His Home

Photo by Michael Fagans; The Californian. Home decorating for Christmas is taken to a new level by Bakersfield residents. This Christmas, one such resident is even featuring outdoor movies on an inflatable movie screen. Southwest homeowner Mike Eggert makes National Lampoon's Griswold family look frugal. The Bakersfield City School District maintenance supervisor's village is stuffed with inflatables, including a candy store, workshop, carousel, and the real humdinger, holiday films projected onto an 11-by-14 inflatable screen. Motorists can tune into 106.9 FM to hear the film. (His transmitter only works for a few hundred feet, so it's cool with the FCC, he says.) Add to that a stable of reindeer, a family of snowmen and a snow machine, and the production tops $1,000. Eggert won the outdoor movie screen from an inflatables company thanks to his Hawaiian-themed Christmas decorations last year, complete with a tiki bar, surfing Santa and hammock. And there's music, which got him in trouble last time, but he complied with his neighbor's request to turn it down. A mad decorator for 10 years now, he really stepped it up in the last five. He starts on Veterans Day and lights up on Thanksgiving. It's nice when ... a kid rolls down the window and says thank you, or they get out and have their picture taken, he says. That's why I love doing it. Source: The Bakersfield Californian:

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