Atlanta, Georgia: High-Tech Projectors for Both Indoor and Outdoor Movies

23-seat home theater featuring DPI's 15,000 lumen LIGHTNING 30-1080p precision projector. Marsh's client wanted the best, and the entertainment aspect of this home is truly stellar, enlisting Digital Projection's precision displays, a Focal Grande Utopia Beryllium speaker system, Stewart projection screen, TruAudio BB 465 in-wall surround speakers, Crestron touchscreens for control, and so much more. Given the 21-foot Stewart screen featured in the theater, few projectors were viable candidates from the outset. Furthermore, the projector needed to be as efficient as possible with respect to energy consumption, as it was to be operated in the client's personal home. As a final challenge, due to the sheer number of seats in the theater, the projector would have to be both remarkably bright and be capable of a very long throw distance, as it would have to be installed in a dedicated room at the back of the large theater. Marsh chose Digital Projection's commercial cinema-grade LIGHTNING 30-1080p, as it represents one of the most efficient projectors available in terms of lumens produced versus energy consumed. When asked whether the client was intimidated by the projector's overall footprint, Marsh replied, This client likes high technology, and he really likes the fact that projectors of this magnitude are used in commercial theaters. Video sources include a Kaleidescape movie server, Blu-ray DVD, HD satellite receiver and eight laptop computer stations for presentation opportunities.In addition to the home's main theater, the client also wanted an outdoor entertainment area to compliment the luxurious Olympic-size swimming pool. Both brightness and image quality were of equal importance, so Marsh chose Digital Projection's single-chip dVision 30-1080p projector. The 6,800 lumen, 7500:1 contrast dVision projector sits in a custom nook behind the bar and projects on a rear projection screen that is approximately 9-feet wide. Equally viewable from both the pool and the sitting area, the dVision 1080p displays beautiful Hollywood and broadcast entertainment, day and night. Read more...

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