Review of 'Un Giorno Perfetto' (2008) at the Outdoor Movie Screening in Antalya, Turkey

Review of The Golden Orange Film Festival in Antalya, Turkey, is one of the premier film events of the nation. In 2008 it featured outdoor movie screenings of some of its finest selections, including "Un Giorno Perfetto" (A Perfect Day). Though critics give the film mixed reviews, "Un Giorno Perfetto" was the star of the Golden Orange Film Festival's outdoor film screenings because of its Turkish director. The indie film is a tribute to the growing talent in Turkey's own film industry. The following is a review of "Un Giorno Perfetto" by Elliott Stein of The Village Voice. You can read the original blog post about Antalya's outdoor movie event here.Outdoor Movies at the Golden Orange Film Festival Ozpetek's latest, A Perfect Day (2008), marks the first time the director has brought to the screen a story not written by him (and Gianni Romoli, his frequent collaborator), but one based on a pre-existing text (a bestselling novel by Melania Mazzucco). The main plot is a grim tale of domestic violence, an impeccably acted, intelligent drama (with a mesmerizing stint by Valerio Mastandrea as a nutcase, wife-stalking cop). But the pic gets stalled by a clump of badly integrated secondary characters and is burdened with an overemphatic musical score. The delicious Yilmaz turns up in a brief cameo near the end. Now, if only Ozpetek would cook up a starring vehicle for this treasure. Source: The Village Voice -

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