Anchorage, Alaska: Local Pub Features Outdoor Movies in Anchorage, Alaska

Outdoor Movies in Anchorage, AlaskaThe bear tooth theatre pub is the sister establishment of the mooses tooth. The same beers and some others are offered here as at the tooth. The biggest difference is that the bear tooth has two eating venues and a theatre. The first eating venue is the bear tooth grill which is a nice, mellow bar with booth seating and great quiet ambience. The second is more of a cafe style area (totally seperate from the grill restaurant style area) where there is both booth and table seating and much busier place. The theatre is a unique place in that you can drink your beer and eat food while watching a movie. The movies are the same movies you would see on the new release wall at the blockbuster, but tickets are only $2.50. there bear tooth menu is similar to that at the mooses tooth but has different items also. Great burritos, pizza, fish tacos, and other finer items in the grill side of the establishment. The bear tooth is a wonderful place to go and have a good beer and a cheap date movie. Or just to go and have a good quick meal for lunch or even a sit down dinner in the grill. They have the same first tap every month that the mooses does as well along with occasional other specialty brews. They also feature alot of outdoor movies you would not normally see in a movie theatre (peddles paddles, warren miller flicks etc.) And have live music venues on occasion as well. Good food, Good beer, Good movies, and good atmosphere. Try the black bear burrito with steak or any of the pizzas. On the lighter side, they have good salads as well that are killer with the raspberry wheat beer. Bomb!

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