Alternate ways to project on to your Open Air Cinema screen besides rear projection

Open Air Cinema Screen Projecting from behind your Open Air CinemaВ screen is always the best option, but sometimes it's an option that's unavailable to the confines of the space that you're using. Your open air screenВ from Open Air Cinema screen will provide a perfect surface whether you're projecting from the front or back, although usually the easiest way to create a clean feeling screening to to project from the back. If the opportunity of rear-projection isn't presenting itself, you can still create a clean front-projection system with an event-grade truss system.

DJ Trusswork and anВ Open Air Cinema Screen

DJ trusswork is relatively easy to obtain, you can find sufficient systems on the internet on a retailer like Amazon, or at a music-related store such as Guitar Center. Using DJ trusswork as your front projection scheme will add extra time to the set up and dismantling process, and can be relatively costly, but when executed correctly DJ trusswork will provide a great, clean result for your Open Air Cinema screen. If you're planning on projecting in a nightclub or indoor event space, DJ trussing will provide safe, reliable set up system that will seamlessly disappear into the surroundings. If you're projecting at a concert or similar event, DJ trusswork might already be readily available, and even if it's not you'll find that most truss hardware is designed to be lightweightВ and portable.

Pairing it with Your Open Air Cinema Screen

Chances are that if you're heading in the direction of projecting from the front maximizing space both behind and in front of the screen is going to be a top priority. If you're looking for a safe, secure system for mounting your projector (typically above the heads of the crowd) look into a DJ trusswork system. Since there are many sizes and packages available out there, you'll be able to find the perfect truss system for your Open Air Cinema screen.

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