Accra, Ghana: Travelers Discover 'Roxy' Open Air Cinema in Accra, Ghana

Roxy Open Air Cinema in Accra, GhanaThe following is an excerpt of a blog found at: That night it was really hot in the hotel room. No more ventilation through the tent mozzie nets for a while. The fan was ridiculously noisy and we got bitten almost to death by the mozzies who were feasting on us as we hung out of the sleeping bags. The next morning we visited the National Museum which exhibited items from Ghana's history such as Ashanti stools, relics from the slave trade and fertility dolls. It was a really fascinating place. Afterwards we walked around the town taking in the atmosphere around the markets. Everyone here is so happy and it was so humbling to watch people really struggle to make a living. We found the "Roxy" cinema where we paid the entry fee of 12p each to watch the 6.30pm movie. When we walked through the doors we discovered it was an open air cinema. The film was a video projected somehow on to a white wall and we missed all the best bits because the picture went fuzzy where it has obviously been rewound many times. During the naughty bits the locals went wild - it was so funny. A spot or two of rain added to the effect. We stayed for the 8.30pm film too but were mighty disappointed that the price had doubled! The delicious barbequed steak with shito bought from one of the many side stalls afterwards finished off a very pleasant evening. Without the shopping, cooking, maintenance, driving etc. it is incredible how much time is available in a day.

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