9 ft Screen who is it for?

Open Air Cinema Home 9'
Any inflatable screen is larger than the largest TV panel available on the consumer market today. In your local park or a community event you might have seen a huge outdoor movie theater. And by 'huge' we mean 20' or 40' wide for the crowds of 500-2,000 viewers. You might think that it won't fit into your backyard.

But we bet you still long for that cinematic experience under the stars. For this and similar cases we've designed a 9' x 5' inflatable screen. If you think about this screen size in inches as one normally measures TV screens it is going to be a whopping 120'' TV screen.

Among the advantages of a smaller inflatable screen like Open Air Cinema Home 9' compared to our larger screen models are:
  • Easy one-man operation;
  • Extremely compact size when packed away;
  • Light weight, it can easily be moved using one hand.
Moreover, a 9' x 5' projection surface screen size is less demanding to fitting AV components.You won't need the brightest projector out there -- 3,000 to 4,000 lumens would suffice. Which opens a wide variety of affordable 4K projector options.
9' Screen Packed
With a smaller inflatable screen size you may consider less powerful and more user-friendly sound systems. We had customers that paired up their 9' x 5' with JBL portable Bluetooth speaker. A compact screen design requires a less powerful air blower to maintain pressure inside the screen. A 1/4 HP air blower will suffice. This means less air blower hum, less power consumption.

Open Air Cinema Home 9' screen, the smallest screen size in our lineup, is made according to all the quality standards that our customers appreciate. You can project image from behind and wash your projection surface in the washing machine when needed.

Open Air Cinema Home 9' x 5' screen kit is a fitting and affordable opportunity to get hooked on watching movies under the stars. It requires just a fraction of your backyard space, won't take much space in your storage when packed away and your existing projector and sound system might be great for it.

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