5 Ways to Use Your Open Air Cinema Pro Outdoor Movie System

Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your Open Air Cinema Cinebox Pro outdoor movie system! You can also order your system directly on the Open Air Cinema online store, or you can contact us using our online contact form. No matter how you order your new inflatable movie screen system, we are excited for you to begin watching movies under the stars with your family, friends, community, or group. The other day we shared a few ways of how you can use your Open Air Cinema Cinebox Home outdoor movie system. Today we're going to explore a few options of how to use A Cinebox Pro outdoor movie system.В  The Cinebox Pro Outdoor Movie lineup features 9, 12 and 16 foot inflatable movie screens that are coupled with a state of the art audio visual system. Where are Home systems are built with families and small groups in mind, our rugged Pro systems have been designed for professional production use, and for anyone who wants the very best in outdoor entertainment.В  Like any Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system, any of the Pro systems can be purchased with OAC True HD, the new standard in high definition entertainment. With OAC True HD, you'll be viewing the latest and greatest movies in crystal clear high definition video and audio. In our previous post about the Cinebox Home lineup, we mentioned several ways to utilize a home system - from watching the big game, karaoke, playing the latest video games, watching your favorite films, and presenting your latest business plan, the opportunities are endless with an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system. Here are a few additional applications of how you can use your Cinebox Pro outdoor movie system. Although most of these activities can be had with a Cinebox Home outdoor movie system, the durability of a Cinebox Pro system will make your event go that much smoother. 1. Dive-In Cinema. An Open Air Cinema cinebox Pro outdoor movie system can be set up beside the pool for a dive-in movie experience! A cinebox Pro system can handle rear projection (ask for details), and so you can set up your inflatable movie screen right next to the pool, with your outdoor projector behind the screen and away from the water.В  Imagine watching pirates of the Caribbean or Jaws while swimming or sitting in the hot tub with your closest family or friends.В  This is as fun as it gets. 2. Beach-side Cinema. In a similar application to dive-in or poolside cinema, you can set up your Cinebox Pro outdoor movie system on the beach for a beach-side cinema experience! Imagine feeling the cool evening breeze of the beach while you watch your favorite movies in a picturesque setting. Again, you can thematize your event to your setting by screening a film with a beach or summer theme! 3. Abandoned Building Horror Night. Scary movies can be pretty scary, but when you set up your Pro outdoor movie system in an old abandoned building, you'll really heighten the scare factor! Open Air Cinema inflatable movie screens can be setup indoors or out, and installing your screen in a scary environment will really heighten the experience for your guests. If you don't have a suitable building nearby, try the woods.В  Creaking branches in the summer nighttime wind can really add to the environmental scare factor! 4. Camping Cinema. A favorite pastime of families everywhere is to enjoy the great outdoors by camping in a nearby national forest or recreation area. Although the solitude of the outdoors is a big reason to go camping, watching a movie for a few hours next to the camp fire will bring you and your family together in a significant way.В  The stars are brighter outside the city, and there's no better place to watch your favorite flick than next to the campfire with those who you love most. 5. Cul-de-sac Cinema. An excellent gathering place for you or your neighbors is the cul-de-sac.В  The cul-de-sac is a suburban favorite to gather together for the neighborhood block party, and it just got that much better with an Open Air Cinema Pro outdoor movie system. You'll be the hit of the neighborhood when all your friends come see the latest movie under the stars on a giant inflatable movie screen. Contact Open Air Cinema today at 866-802-8202 (0r use our online contact form) to order your Cinebox Pro outdoor movie system.В  We look forward to talking to you soon!

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