5 Reasons Why an Inflatable Movie Screen is the Perfect Gift for Dad

Reason #1: An Inflatable Movie Screen is all about Family

What does Dad love more than anything else in this world? His family of course! This Father's Day, give Dad what he really wants - an opportunity to spend quality time with the thing that's most important to him, his family.

At Open Air Cinema the thing that we love the most about our inflatable screens and outdoor movie systems is that they help facilitate meaningful time being spent with loved ones, friends, and community members.

We love bringing people together through the power of film, and are confident that our inflatable movie screen and outdoor movie system solutions can play a big part in facilitating that.

Family gathering around outdoor Movie Screen

Reason #2: With an Inflatable Movie Screen Dad Can Spend Time With Friends

Besides spending time with the family, your Dad probably loves hanging out with the guys. We'll also make a guess that if he's like a lot of Dads out there, he has a favorite game and a favorite team, and is always following the latest updates and stats on where his team is at. With an Open Air Cinema inflatable movie screen or outdoor movie system Dad can have the best seat at every game as he cheers on his team with his buddies.

Many Open Air Cinema customers live stream the big game on their giant inflatable screens. So in addition to being a way that Dad can spend time with family, an outdoor movie screen from Open Air Cinema will help him make sure he doesn't miss a single game this season, and that he'll throw the best game parties in the entire neighborhood.

Also, we didn't mention that Dad can hook up his favorite game console to his outdoor theater for larger than life gaming on a giant Open Air Cinema inflatable screen!

Reason #3: Dad Likes Cool Toys, and an Inflatable Movie Screen is the Coolest Toy Available

If your Dad is like most Dads we know, he loves gadgets and owning the latest and coolest technologies. If this is true for your Dad, then an Open Air Cinema inflatable screen is a great gift for him, as there's nothing quite as cool as having a giant outdoor theater right in your own backyard.

At Open Air Cinema, we pride ourselves in the fact that our inflatable screens and outdoor movie systems are easy to setup and use, and that beyond that, it's fun. If Dad enjoys tinkering with the latest technologies, he'll love operating his brand new Open Air Cinema inflatable movie screen or outdoor cinema system.

Reason #4: An Inflatable Movie Screen Will Last for Years To Come

One of the best reasons to get Dad an inflatable movie screen or outdoor movie system for Father's Day is that it will last for years to come, and will thus be the gift that keeps on giving.

That necktie you were thinking of buying him will eventually go out of style, but an Open Air Cinema blow up screen will last for many years, as we've designed our systems to withstand frequent use and harsh conditions, they are made with only the highest quality materials right here in the USA.

As long as you maintain your screen and CineBox™ audiovisual console, you can count on it working in great condition for many outdoor movies to come. Think of it this way. Instead of buying Dad tickets to the movies, buy him a movie theater that will give him that experience over and over again.

Reason #5: An Inflatable Movie Screen is the Perfect Joint Gift

Many families decide to chip in together when they get a gift for Dad for Father's Day, this way they can get something really special that will show him that they love him. An inflatable movie screen from Open Air Cinema is a great gift to give Dad from everyone, because he'll be spending time together with everyone when he uses it.

And no matter how big or small your family may be, we have an outdoor theater solution that will be perfect for showing Dad that you appreciate all that he's done for you over the years. Contact us today by clicking here, to place your order for an inflatable movie screen or outdoor theater, so that you can get it in time for Father's Day weekend. We'll help you find the perfect gift for Dad.

Father's Day is fast approaching, and if you're like most people that have busy lives, you probably haven't gotten around to finding that perfect gift for Dad. It's always tough to know what to get him, especially when it seems like Dad has everything he already needs. It's important to get him that gift that says that you love him, and that will continue to be meaningful for years to come.

In this post we've detailed five reasons why an inflatable movie screen or outdoor theater from Open Air Cinema is the perfect gift for Dad this Father's Day.

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