5 Amazing Places to Take Your Outdoor Movie System

One of the best aspects of owning an inflatable outdoor movie system is the freedom that it can offer in terms of where it can be placed. Whether you're camping in mountains or in your own backyard, you can bring your inflatable screen with you so that you can enjoy a cinematic experience wherever you wind up. We made a short list full of great ideas for your next outdoor screening adventure, take your outdoor movie system the next time you're on a trip and find all of the magic that a fully mobile inflatable movie screen has to offer.

Outdoor Movie System at a Park

Make sure to check with your local park's guidelines, some parks may require permission or a permit, but these are usually small, one-time costs. After that's all squared away, find a good spot, inflate your inflatable movie screen, turn on your projector and sound system and you're on your way to providing a large-scale screening experience for up to 3000+ people. Try screening a classic film in the park and watch the audience rush to join-in on a great and unique experience with the quick and easy set-up that only an inflatable movie screen can provide.

Outdoor Movie System at a Backyard Party

Looking for that special touch to brighten up a child's birthday party, your parents' anniversary, or a family night to remember? With an inflatable movie screen from Open Air Cinema, you can add quite a bit of wonder to any backyard party or celebration. Have a specially made video to show that special person how much they mean to you? Perhaps you've made a highlight reel of your child's shining moments on the soccer field this year. With an inflatable screen you'll be able to project any video as big as you'd like for all to enjoy.

Outdoor Movie System out Camping

After a great day of hiking, fishing and exploring, try setting up your outdoor movie system wherever you are. A few quick set up steps and you're ready for a screening in any environment. Build a fire, roast some marshmallows, grab a blanket and you're ready to go!

Outdoor Movie System at a Big Outdoor Event

Going to a big music festival or sporting event? Try bringing along your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system and watch the crowds gather around in awe. With the right hardware you can even project the big game right outside the stadium! For the business owner in the family, why not try advertising in full video on your inflatable movie screen? With the right idea and your inflatable movie screen you can turn any location into an attention getting event, even a parking lot!

Outdoor Movie System at the Beach

Imagine creating the night to remember after a long day of surfing and sunbathing as you relax in front of your outdoor movie system, under the stars at the beach. With an inflatable movie screen from Open Air Cinema, the possibilities are endless!

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