3D Movies: Electronic House Reviews OAC 3D

3D Movies

3D Movies: Electronic House Reviews OAC 3D

The website Electronic House reviewed the launching of OAC 3D, our new 3D outdoor movie system packages. You can check out their article by clicking here.В With OAC 3D, every Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system now comes with the option of outdoor cinema in three dimensions. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to order your OAC 3D outdoor movie system. You can also reach us by using our online contact form by clicking here. If you'd rather purchase your 3D movie system online, check out our online store, the only place to go for outdoor movies and outdoor entertainment equipment!

3D Movies - Why OAC 3D

There are several reasons to buy your 3D Movies outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema. The first reason is that we're the only place that offers 3D outdoor entertainment packages. We always make sure our outdoor movie systems are state of the art with the latest technology. The great thing about a 3D outdoor movie system is that you can use it for 3D use and for high definition outdoor entertainment. So if В you don't feel like watching a movie in 3D, no problem, your OAC 3D projector also projects in high definition for crystal clear backyard entertainment. We ship all of our high definition outdoor movie systems with Playstation consoles, as they are the highest quality Blu-Ray and 3D Ready players available. The reliability and accuracy of a Playstation console is far superior to any DVD or Blu-Ray player out there.

3D Movies Come in Many Sizes

Open Air Cinema's OAC 3D outdoor movie systems come with inflatable movie screens ranging from 9 to 40 feet in width. So no matter the size of your audience, we have an OAC 3D outdoor movie system for you. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to talk to a friendly Open Air Cinema representative about OAC 3D, and to place your order for your outdoor movie system.  

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