31 Movie Awards Outdoor Movie Party

Outdoor Movie Surprising but it is already time to get together with friends and start your summer parties. Open Air Cinema's inflatable outdoor screens can be setup easily and safely next to a swimming pool or on your deck, to accommodate a large group. В  You can even rear project onto the screen to keep your outdoor movieВ equipment safe and dry away from the water.

Outdoor Movie Parties

At the Oscars the biggest buzz and awards went to 12 Years A Slave and Gravity leaving American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street without a lot to take home despite their all-star casts. The stage is set for this summer and a long list of sure to be blockbusters this summer.

Outdoor Movie Party Supplies

A fun way to take your awards competition theme further is to offer drinks that represent your top choice for your outdoor movie. В  For American Hustle, try a simple Pimm's Cup garnished with cucumber and mint.В  In the movie, Amy Adam's character sips this in many of the bar scenes.В  Or for Gravity try a Space Cadet cocktail, which is a slightly more tart version of a tequila sunrise. В  If Dallas Buyers Club is a top choice, offer a classic Budweiser.

Outdoor Movie Party Favors

Everyone knows the MTV Movie Award is the golden popcorn bucket.В  Make everyone at your outdoor movie award party a winner by spray painting standard popcorn buckets gold earlier in the day.В  Allow them to dry completely and have unlimited popcorn for the viewing. В  Also as a fun takeaway make an actual mini swag bag for everyone.В  These treats given to outdoor movieВ attendees are known to have all sorts of freebies inside so have fun thinking of what to fill it with. A mini bottle of champagne, gold wrapped chocolates or even a Netflix gift card are all great fun ideas. Enjoy the fun!

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