Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine Participated in Maidan Anniversary Events

Babylon`13 Academy of Arts in Kyiv Photo by Nicholas Bazanov

Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine Participated in Maidan Anniversary Events

Contributed by Open Air Cinema's Ukrainian correspondent, Nicholas Bazanov On November 21, 2014, Ukraine commemorated the Revolution of Dignity the well-known uprising of Ukrainians which ousted the regime of former President Viktor Yanukovych. For Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine this date is also remarkable a year ago the organization was founded and assisted in furthering the cultural protest. Photo by Nicholas Bazanov

Maidan, ‘Square' in Ukrainian

The first screening in Kyiv produced by Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine took place behind the City Hall at the height of the Revolution. The building was conquered by demonstrators and became an improvised headquarters. That day people rumored that riot police were going to attack soon, so everything was prepared quickly. It almost seemed that the 20` Open Air Cinema inflatable screen was invented for quick political action in 30 minutes the screen and projection equipment was installed. The Square an Oscar nominated documentary describing civil protests in Egypt resonated well with the Ukrainian protesters' hearts and minds. ‘People demand the downfall of the regime' read the tagline. It likely helped Ukrainians feel that they were not alone in their struggle for a free and democratic future. There is a short documentary about this first remarkable screening called "Forbidden Movie" by Ukrainian studio Babylon`13. Surveillance camera footage projected on the wall to create atmosphere Photo by Nicholas Bazanov


A year after the Revolution of Dignity, Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine was invited to participate in the anniversary event at the Academy of Arts. There was an exhibition where Open Air Cinema Ukraine projected 4-hour surveillance camera footage from the Revolution to create a unique and compelling atmosphere. In the evening guests were invited to watch theВ Babylon`13 documentary film on the same 20' Open Air Cinema inflatable screen that the film was screened on a year ago. Among other screenings of Ukrainian revolutionary events, authors decided to include Forbidden Movie a story about a small social initiative made by activists, which challenged the regime. Photo by Nicholas Bazanov

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