12 Days of Outdoor Movies Savings: Day 6, 50% Off OAC's Small Sound Dampening Blower Box

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12 Days of Outdoor Movies Savings: Day 6, 50% Off OAC's Small Sound Dampening Blower Box

For the 6th day of our 12 Day of Outdoor Movies sale, we are offering our Small Sound Dampening Blower Box at 50% off! We've never slashed the pricing on this product this far, so make sure to contact us today at 866-802-8202 to get your Small Sound Dampening Blower Box today! This sale is only available over the phone, and is not valid for online purchases. If you'd like us to call you at a time that works for you, fill out our online contact form by clicking here, and give us a good time to call and a number to reach you, and we'll be in touch with you to place your order. The Sound Dampening Blower Box is a perfect addition to any outdoor movie system, and will make your outdoor movies experience that much more enjoyable. In this post, we'll discuss some of the great features of the Sound Dampening Blower Box.

Outdoor Movies Made Even Better

Outdoor movies are made even better with the Sound Dampening Blower Box, as this handy accessory fits over your inflatable movie screen fan and dampens the sound from your blower. We've field tested and used each of our Blower Boxes, and have found that they significantly reduce the noise from your inflatable movie screen blower, making for an even more enjoyable outdoor movies viewing experience. Outdoor movies enthusiasts that need their screening to be extra quiet have found this a great addition to their outdoor movie system. There are special occasions where this is needed, such as when you're screening without audio at a conference, gathering, or wedding, or if you're showing an extra quiet film. But with any outdoor movies experience, the Sound Dampening Blower Box will make your screening that much more enjoyable. The Small Sound Dampening Blower Box was made for the Home 9 and 12 foot screens, as well as the Pro 9 foot screen. If you have another outdoor movie screen from Open Air Cinema, you'll need the medium or large Blower Box. If you're not sure what screen you have, or if you need assistance figuring out which Blower Box is for you, contact us today at 866-806-8202 and we'll help you find the blower box for your system.

A Gift for Outdoor Movies Owners

The Sound Dampening Blower Box is a perfect Christmas gift for someone who already has an outdoor movies system. The Blower Box will add that perfect touch to their inflatable movie screen system, and is something that the entire family can enjoy! Call us today at 866-802-8202, or fill out our online contact form to save 50% on the Small Sound Dampening Blower Box. We look forward to placing your order.

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