12 Days of Outdoor Movies Savings: Day 5, 20% Off OAC's Event Producer's Tacklebox

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12 Days of Outdoor Movies Savings: Day 5, 20% Off OAC's Event Producer's Tacklebox

For our 5th day of our 12 days of outdoor movies sale, we are offering 20% off our event producer's tacklebox, a must have for any outdoor cinema event producer. This offer is only available for orders placed over the phone, so make sure to call us at 866-802-8202 to put in your order today. В A friendly Open Air Cinema associate will be glad to assist you with your order. In addition to calling us, you can fill out our online contact form by clicking here, and if you provide us with a number and a time to contact you, we'll give you a call and will assist you with your order.

An Outdoor Movies Essential

Open Air Cinema's Event Producer's Tacklebox is an essential item for any outdoor movies event producer, and features over 22 different components so that you can make sure you'll be able to hook up any audio visual device to your Cinebox outdoor movie system. As an event producer, you never know what type of content you'll need to play for your clients, and sometimes they'll bring new types of content at the last minute. But with the Even Producer's tacklebox, you'll be prepared to hook up virtually any audio visual connection, and won't have to waste time running to the store while your guests are waiting for the movie to start. The key to a successful outdoor cinema event is to be prepared for any scenario, and the Event Producers Tacklebox will make sure you are good to go. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 to save 20% on the Tacklebox today! This is one of the only times we've ever placed this item on sale, so make sure to jump on this opportunity while it lasts.

Outdoor Movies in Haiti and Around the World

Open Air Cinema has produced outdoor movies events around the world, and the Event Producer's Tacklebox has come in handy on many occasions. We have one with our crew in Port-au-Prince Haiti, and it has saved the day at a handful of screenings. On one particular occasion, if it weren't for the Tacklebox, we wouldn't have been able to screen our three movies at separate locations that evening. We were connecting an analog signal to our Cinebox console, and we had the right connecting part in the Tacklebox. We couldn't even purchase the part in Haiti, so we're grateful that we were prepared. Contact us at 866-802-8202 to order your Event Producer's tacklebox and to save on this one-time 20% sale!

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