Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movie: Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Our first film on our Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies is Tim Burton's celebrated animation, "The Nightmare Before Christmas".В  The film was initially conceived as a poem by Burton while he was working for Disney in the 1980's, but wasn't considered for a major motion picture until almost ten years later.В  Burton is acclaimed by both critics and the public alike, and this past year had his retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York Ciy.В  His work can be appreciated for its filmic and artistic qualities - which makes The Nightmare Before Christmas the perfect selection for your Halloween Party outdoor movie!В  Here is the theatrical release trailer for the film: The Nightmare Before Christmas is set in Halloween Town, the magical place where Halloween is planned and undertaken. Jack Skellington (Chris Sarandon), is the pumpkin king and leader of the town, and is frustrated with Halloween.В  He solemnly wonders what the point of it all is, and goes on a walk with his ghost dog Zero (that has a lighted pumpkin nose).В  He discovers some doors that lead to the magical worlds of other holidays where he discovers Christmas!В  Jack is totally taken away, and desires to bring the spirit of Christmas to Halloween Town. outdoor moviesHowever, when Jack gets home and tries to explain Christmas to his people, he isn't able to give them the essence of the holiday.В  Jack sets out to capture the Christmas spirit, and eventually to steal Christmas from Christmas Town!В  Through the production of scary presents, the kidnapping of Santa Claus, and the staging of a new Christmas, Jack and his townspeople wreak havoc upon a world used to a certain way of doing things.В  The Nightmare Before Christmas is a fun musical stop-motion animation about community, desires that are common to all of us, and true love. The film is a perfect pick for the entire family, or for your entire community! It will no-doubt entertain the children in your community, but it will also fascinate parents and individuals of any age! outdoor moviesThe Nightmare Before Christmas is a great choice for your Halloween Party or Fall community Outdoor Movie! You could invite your community to come dressed in their costumes, and invite them to sing-along with Jack and his friends! Another great opportunity would be to have a haunted-house for children (not too scary of course), and Halloween themed concessions and classic games. Your event will certainly be the place to go this Halloween, and at the centerpiece of the evening will be a movie loved by all- The Nightmare Before Christmas! If anyone is planning on screening The Nightmare Before Christmas at your Halloween event this year, please send us your images, or post them to the comments section below.В  We'd really love to see how your event turned out!В  Happy haunting!

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