Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movie: Scream

One of the final films on our Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies list is Scream, the 1996 Horror film that single handedly revitalized the slasher horror genre in the 1990's, and produced a number of sequel and knock off films. Scream is a great selection for your annual Halloween Outdoor movie this weekend! The film is probably not a great pick if you're having small children attend your event, but is perfect for a scary evening with close friends or family. Here's the theatrical release trailer for Scream: Scream is set in the fictional town of Woodsboro, California, (filmed in Santa Rosa California) where high school student Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore) is murdered by a killer named Ghostface who questions her about horror film cliches. Casey's friends are understandably upset about the incident, and quickly become of interest to the killer. The entire town is thrown into terror, and Scream continues in a scary narrative that will keep your audience screaming and on the edges of their seats. ScreamThe best part about screening Scream on your Open Air Cinema inflatable movie screen, is that there are some really great ways that you can make the event memorable for your audience. For starters, you could have a horror movie cliche quiz or survey (just like Ghostface's list in Scream), with the winner getting a special Halloween prize for getting all the answers right! You could also host the event wearing a Ghostface mask, making the screening extra scary as you dish out refreshments during the film. There are a myriad of games and activities that would make the screening special for your guests. ScreamIf you are interested in investing in an Open Air Cinema inflatable movie screen system, contact us today! We'll be in touch with you soon. And finally, if anyone screens Scream this week at their outdoor screen party, please post your story to the comments section below! We'd love to hear how things went. Happy Halloween!

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