Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movie: Edward Scissorhands

The next movie on our Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies list is Edward Scissorhands, directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest, Anthony Michael Hall, Kathy Baker, Alan Arkin, and Vincent Price. The film was a financial and critical success, and received a number of nominations including from the Academy Awards, British Academy Film Awards, Saturn Awards, as well as winning the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation. Edward Scissorhands is a perfect pick for your family Halloween backyard cinema event, or your community Halloween party and Outdoor Movie series! Here is the theatrical release trailer for the film: Edward Scissorhands begins with an old woman telling her granddaughter where snow comes from: an inventor long ago was inspired to make an artificial man as he was inspired by his inventions with anthropomorphic forms. He was successful in his creation of a young boy, but died of a heart attack before completing his hands. The film flashes forward years earlier where a young woman Peg Boggs, selling Avon products, decides to go to an old mansion on a hill above the town. She finds Edward alone in the house, and in need of a friend, and decides to take him home and care for him. outdoor moviesPeg's friends are impressed with her new friend Edward's ability to trim hair and garden bushes, and he becomes loved by almost everyone. Yet two individuals, a religious fanatic named Esmeralda, and a jock named Jim decide that they don't like Edward and plan to do him in. The rest of the film is a comedic adventure that is about the values that keep us together, and the necessity of appreciating everyone for their unique qualities, however different they may be from us. Johnny Depp delivers on of his best performances, in an endearing manner that will leave your community's hearts touched, or your family closer together. edward scissorhandsScreening Edward Scissorhands on an OAC Elite system, will bring the magic of the big screen back to your community. This film is a perfect pick for your Halloween event, and presents a number of opportunities to bring your community together in significant ways. You could host a Halloween costume contest along with your screening of Edward Scissorhands, and if you're really daring, you could have Edward himself host the event as MC (of course you'd dress up a member of your staff)! Doing these sort of activities above and beyond a screening of the film will entertain your family or community, and will make the event far more memorable. If anyone has screened Edward Scissorhands as an outdoor movie in the past, however recent, post your story to the comments section below! We'd love to see how it turned out. Until next time, Happy Haunting!

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