Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movie: The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is the next film on our list of Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies. The film is a perfect selection for your backyard cinema Halloween party (imagine watching it on your new OAC 9' outdoor movie system), especially if you really want to scare your friends! The film probably isn't suitable for young children or community outdoor movie screenings (although it's always up to you to know your community). Here is a short trailer for Blair Witch: The Blair Witch Project follows three film students, Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams and Joshua Leonard as they investigate the myth of the "Blair Witch" in Burkittsville, Maryland (formerly Blair) for their documentary film. Their initial interviews with locals reveal a handful of legends attributed to the Blair Witch. One story is about a hermit, Rustin Parr who kidnapped children and tortured them in his basement, supposedly because of promptings from the Blair Witch. Another individual, Mary Brown, says she had encounters with the Blair Witch as a young girl. blair witch projectThe students decide to set out into the woods to see if they can find evidence of the witch. They discover a cemetery with several cairns, and some other evidences of the Blair witch. But things get really scary, as they begin to hear sounds in the woods at night, and wake up with cairns built around their tents. We thinkThe Blair Witch Project is one of the scariest films ever produced (hence why it's on our top 25 list), and presents some great opportunities that are unique to outdoor cinema. blair witch projectWhy not set up your Home or Pro outdoor movie screen in the middle of the woods for your Blair Witch screening? Invite all your friends, and have them sit on blankets in the trees. In the middle of the film (when the characters hear things in the woods), plant people in the woods to make noises with cracking branches, etc. You'll definitely scare your friends, and give them an unforgettable experience! If anyone has screened The Blair Witch Project as an outdoor movie, feel free to share your story by posting to the comments section below!

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