Tacoma, Washington: 'Summer Sounds and Cinema' Presents an Outdoor Movie in a Park Near You

Outdoor Movies in the Park in Tacoma, WashingtonThere are lots of outdoor movies happening this summer in Washington this summer. Those of you who are in the Tacoma area can partake in good old-fashioned family fun as well. This month concludes Tacoma's "Summer Sounds and Cinema" program. Each Saturday, in various parks around the city, you can hear a concert or see an outdoor film, or both! These family-friendly events are free, and begin at 7pm. There are two more outdoor movies to see this month: Outdoor Films Screened in Tacoma, WashingtonAugust 8 -Portland Avenue Park- 3513 Portland Ave Surf's Up, rated PG Concert: Miho & Diego August 22 -Vassault Park- 6100 N. 37th St. Twilight, rated PG-13 Concert: Jonathan Harris click here for more outdoor movie events in the Seattle area

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