Stadium of Fire Dress Rehearsal With Open Air Cinema Outdoor Movie Screens

Stadium of Fire. Last night we went again to the Lavell Edwards stadium to do a dress rehearsal in preparation for tonight's Stadium of Fire event. We were amazed at the level of production, and are really excited to attend the festivities this evening. As we've been detailing on the blog over the past couple of days, three Open Air Cinema screens will be used in the grand-finale moment, as a special video will be projected about how when America is needed, we always show up to help. Last night as the screens were raised, the dancers and audience in attendance applauded and cheered, as it was truly a spectacular sight. Again, we took some photos of the night's events, and have posted them here on the blog. Check them out and let us know what you think! Stadium of Fire. Stadium of Fire. Stadium of Fire. Stadium of Fire. Stadium of Fire. Stadium of Fire. Again, if anyone is attending the Stadium of Fire, take a photograph of your favorite moment, and we'll post your image here on the blog! Happy Fourth of July!

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