An Inflatable Movie Screen is the Perfect Gift for Dad

inflatable movie screen Father's Day is practically here. We at Open Air Cinema have you covered. Regardless of whether Dad already has a system from us or this will be his first experience with our inflatable movie screens, we have some awesome outdoor movie gear that will make a perfect gift for Dad. Here in our latest newsletter newsletter are some great gift ideas for Dad this Father's Day. Our CineBox Home outdoor movie systems are a perfect gift for Dad, with HD, 3D, and gaming packages available.В Learn more! Our Home inflatable movie screen come in sizes ranging from 9 to 20 feet in width, and are a great gift forDad this Father's Day.В Learn more! Does Dad already own an outdoor inflatable movie screen system or inflatable screen? Upgrade it to OAC True HD or OAC 3D with a new CineBox console.В Contact us! Make sure that your 4th of July plans include an outdoor movie screening. Contact us today to purchase your outdoor inflatable movie screen in time for the 4th.

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