Helotes, Texas: Outdoor Movies in the Park Draw the Community Together in Helotes, Texas

Outdoor Movies in the Park in Helotes, TexasHelotes is one of many cities throughout Texas and the entire country adopting outdoor movies to their community events roster. Ever-tightening budgets mean that families are looking for things to do close to home, and it's a great opportunity for cities to create memorable community gatherings, or draw attention to their parks and downtown areas. The outdoor cinema screenings in Helotes are a poster-child for such developments, as about 300 to 400 community members have enjoyed the films throughout the summer. Movie-goers have enjoyed free hotdogs, live music, and moon bounces prior to the outdoor films. The biggest crowd at Helotes so far was in June when about 600 adults and children showed up for the latest Journey to the Center of the Earth flick. Helotes Mayor Tom Schoolcraft is particularly proud of the open air cinema events. This is community coming together, he said July 17 as the first of two Road Runner cartoons filled a two-story-tall inflatable movie screen and Movie Night at the Park began. (My San Antonio) After the cartoons the kid-friendly favorite The Tale of Despereaux was shown. Helotes isn't the only Texas town taking advantage of the warm weather and clear skies; many local cities have been screening movies in the park or in other public areas. The films and inflatable screens are usually paid for by local business sponsorships and parks and recreation funds. Parents at the Helotes outdoor movie screenings expressed that the screenings remind them of going to the drive-in when they were young. Now kids who have never been to the drive-in get an opportunity to see movies under the stars as well. In Helotes, you have to get to the park early to stake out a good spot. Families start filling up in front of the outdoor movie screen with picnics and games. This is a community event the whole family can enjoy, and an awesome cinematic experience you can't get any other way. For more information about movie nights in Helotes visit www.helotes-tx.gov The al fresco movie screenings are presented by Outdoor Movies of Texas www.outdoormoviesoftexas.com.

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