Berlin, Germany: A Silent Film and Live Music At This Open Air Cinema Are Not To Be Missed

Outdoor Movies in an Open Air Cinema in Berlin, Germany...We then bought tickets for the open air cinema and live music that was scheduled for later that night. On this day, our Indian food habit comes to an end at the The Yogi restaurant which is located at Rochstrasse 5. Where the food is fine and the prices very nice. Berlin Open Air Cinema - A magnificent location for a wonderfully creative combination of silent film and live music. Our evening entertainment was the movie, The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari, a German silent film which was produced in 1919. The movie was shown on the expanse of lawn in front of one of the old, towering, and ornate buildings. The band, In The Nursery, accompanied the silent film with original electronic and eclectic music. And thus our day ends. Excerpt from the following travel journal:

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