12 Days of Outdoor Movies Savings: Day 4, 30% Off OAC's Home 9′ Inflatable Movie Screen

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12 Days of Outdoor Movies Savings: Day 4, 30% Off OAC's Home 9′ Inflatable Movie Screen

For the fourth day of our 12 days of outdoor movies sale, we are giving 30% off our 9' Home inflatable movie screen.В Click here to see the 9' Home product page on our online store. This offer is only available over the phone, so to cash in on the savings make sure to call us at 866-802-8202 and a friendly Open Air Cinema technician will be glad to assist you. Alternatively, if you'd like to fill out our online contact form, give us a number where we can reach you and a good time to call, and we'll be in touch with you shortly. Make sure to contact us before the end of the day in order to qualify for the savings. We look forward to placing your order, and to getting you the inflatable movie screen you've always wanted.

Outdoor Movies Magic with OAC's 9' Home Screen

Open Air Cinema's 9' Home inflatable movie screen was built with the backyard in mind, and weighs next to nothing for easy installation and storage. This screen is the smalles of any of our screens, but still has a giant 9' wide projection surface. Your outdoor movies, tv shows, video games, and more will look great in your backyard on the 9' Home. We've manufactured this screen for over 10 years in the USA, so purchasing one means you're supporting American jobs and the American economy, and you'll also be ensured that you're getting the very best in quality. We choose to manufacture our screens in the United States so we can keep a close eye on the production and quality of our products, and this means a better screen for you and your guests. The 9' Home is highly portable, and can be set up in virtually any location for a magical outdoor movies event.

Outdoor Movies With A Complete OAC System

Our 9' Home inflatable screen also has the option of coming as a complete outdoor movie system. You can get your outdoor movie system with OAC True HD or OAC 3D for a state of the art outdoor entertainment system. If you choose OAC True HD you'll receive a high definition video projector and a Playstation 3 to play all your favorite content in crystal clear HD. You'll get the same with an OAC 3D System, buy you'll also receive an OAC 3D converter box that converts your 2D Blu-Ray signal into a 3D movie, and you'll also receive 2 Open Air 3D glasses. Contact us at 866-802-8202 to save 30% on our 9' Home outdoor movie screen today!    

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