Big Island Boat-In Movie Makes a Splash With an Inflatable Movie Screen

Big Island Boat-In Movie on Lake Minnetonka, MinnesotaEarlier this year, outdoor movies made a big splash on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. Marine Max hosted the "boat-in" movie near Big Island. Over 200 boats were in attendance at the outdoor movie event, each filled with friends and family. Big Island is a popular partying hangout for Lake Minnetonka, but since it is a private island, an outdoor movie event could not take place on the island itself. Therefore, a novel idea was hatched: the screen would be inflated on the water itself, and people would attend in their boats as a variation on the old-school drive-in movie concept. A large barge was rented upon which the inflatable movie screen was placed, with a tall crane holding it up. No tethers or ropes were needed. As there was no good way to place speakers, the audio was transmitted to the boats through FM transmitters. "Ghostbusters" was the movie of choice, prefaced by commercials of the many sponsors of the event. It proved to be a great success, and plans for more boat-in movies in later months are in the works. Click here to see a video of the outdoor movie event: Big Island Boat-In Movie

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