Hong Kong, China: Catch a Flick at Hong Kong's Open Air Moonlight Movies

As the humidity recedes and it's finally safe to go outside for ten minutes without your shirt turning into a dishcloth, the city's outside events are flourishing. One of the city's best, and increasingly popular, events are the Moonlight Movies, a series of outdoor, evening movie screenings in Cyberport. On the sliver screen this year is the topical Wall Street (Nov 13th) and the all singing, all dancing Moulin Rouge (Nov 14th). The 'cinema' itself is kitted out with a 6.8 by 9 metre LED Screen and beanbags for sitting on, while Dublin Jacks provides a full bar and BBQ snacks. At $200, tickets aren't cheap, but the atmosphere and setting make it worth the extra expense. Tickets are on sale now at Openair Hong Kong and if you fancy a film in the fresh air, you're advised to book early. Due to the bar and films being shown, entry is restricted to 18+ only. Rory Boland source-http://gohongkong.about.com/b/2009/10/13/catch-a-flick-at-hong-kongs-open-air-moonlight-movies.htm

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