Eau Claire, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Hosts Dive-In Outdoor Movie in Eau Claire

Dive-In Outdoor Movies at the University of WisconsinAt the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, Student Services wanted to have a totally unique and exciting free activity for their Special Events Program. That's why they held the first-ever dive-in outdoor movie in McPhee pool. Lots of people watch movies in the theater or at home, but how many people watch them while swimming and relaxing in the water? The university picked a perfect film for this event: Jaws. Students enjoyed the full frightening experience of a giant shark lurking under the waters. A large outdoor movie screen and a complete sound system completed the atmosphere so the students could receive the full effects of the tantalizing music. University Recreation sent flyers to every dorm room, posted the event on their website, and posted flyers on bulletin boards to spread the word. The advertising worked- by the time the outdoor movie began, the pool was full of floating students and the observation deck was littered with movie-goers as well. The university made sure the event was perfectly safe, as they had two certified lifeguards on duty throughout the event. They also left safety lights on. "Jaws is a great movie, but I think I would have gotten so scared that I would have fallen out of my tube if the lights were all the way off," sophomore Amy Dettling said (The Spectator). After the movie, a raffle was held for t-shirts, water bottles, and other prizes. The pool was also open after the outdoor film for recreational use. Many students enjoyed the dive-in movie as break from their studies and hassles of student life. They were able to hang out with friends, swim, and play games while watching the outdoor movie. The fact that it was free drew even more students to the event. Sophomore Jake Schulz said he agreed the event was a good idea. "The dive-in movie was such a good idea," he said. "It should be cut out, glued to a magnet and stuck on the refrigerator for everyone to see."

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