Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai Media City Amphitheatre Host to Star-Studded Collection of Outdoor Movies

A CITY KNOWN for its penchant for everything superlative, Dubai managed to add another feather to its cap albeit a temporary one this time with the opening of the world's largest Open Air Cinema. The 12-day Swiss OpenAir event proved a huge draw with movie lovers, who flocked to the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre to catch their favourite stars on the huge screen. With a seating capacity of 2000, the venue overlooking the CNN and MBC offices across a small lake proved the perfect spot for some serious stargazing. Be it the Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart vampire saga New Moon that took centre stage on the opening night or the Jim Carrey starrer Christmas Carol, the wide selection of movies screened at the venue was a sure hit with the audiences. And on Sunday night, as the much anticipated Bachchan-starrer Paawas beamed to hundreds of fans, it brought home the fact that cinema can truly be a communal experience binding people from different walks of life in a way no other social activity can. The ‘Surprise Night' showing proved the right choice in more ways than one. With Bachchan and family slated to be in town for the forthcoming Dubai International Film Festival, Bollywood lovers got a chance to catch the latest avatar of their favourite star a 67- year- old playing a 12-year-old with great panache. A perfect blend of humour  courtesy of  some brilliant dialogues, and pathos not the dramatic kind Bollywood is famous for the film provided an excellent group watch. Though the sky was a little overcast, the temperature proved just right to make the outdoor cinema viewing truly fascinating. The Swiss OpenAir Cinema came to an end yesterday with the screening of the Mira Nair film Amelia in which Oscar-winner Hillary Swank reprises the role of the legendary American pilot Amelia Earhart. A truly world class, glitch-free experience that the organisers can be proud of. Ambica Sachin source-

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