12 Days of Outdoor Movies Savings: Day 8, 30% Off OAC's New 20' Pro Inflatable Movie Screen

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12 Days of Outdoor Movies Savings: Day 8, 30% Off OAC's New 20' Pro Inflatable Movie Screen

For the eighth day of our 12 Days of Outdoor Movies Sale, we are announcing our brand new 20' Pro inflatable movie screen, and offering for 30% off for one day only! This offer is only available over the phone, so make sure to contact us today at 866-802-8202 to place your order. Alternatively, if you'd like to fill out our online contact form and give us a time and a number to reach you at, we'll be in contact when it is most convenient for you.В In this post we'll detail some of the great new features of the 20' Pro screen, and why it fits a special niche in our overall outdoor movie screen lineup. Outdoor movies have never been this good!

A Screen That Will Change Outdoor Movies

Our brand new 20' Pro inflatable movie screen will change outdoor movies forever, as it has some great features that our other screens do not have. To this date, our 16' Pro inflatable movie screen has been our most popular screen, and for several reasons. The 16' Pro has been our largest screen in our Pro lineup, and there are some great advantages to our Pro screens. All of our Pro screens feature zippable projection surfaces which means you can easily remove your surface for cleaning, storage, or replacement. Our Pro screens also enable rear-projection (our Home screens do not), which is often a desired feature when space is tight, or when you need a really clean environment at your outdoor screening. One of the best features of our pro screens is the rear stability arms that help with extra wind resistance while also making it possible to setup with less outdoor movie technicians. Also, our Pro screens are significantly lighter than our Elite screens. For many of our customers, an Elite screen offers the maximum durability and strength for frequent use. However our 20' Pro now offers the massive size advantage of our Elite 20' Screen, but is lighter weight and easier to manage. There are advantages to both the Elite 20' and Pro 20' inflatables, and depending on your needs and budget, you'll want to choose the screen that is right for you. Contact us today by calling 866-802-8202 to order your brand new 20' Pro screen and to save 30% for today only!

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