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Top 25 Outdoor Movie: The Goonies

The next film on the Top 25 Outdoor Movies of All Time is The Goonies, the 1985 adventure-comedy film directed by Richard Donner and produced by Stephen Spielberg. Besides this film being loved by kids everywhere, there are several reasons why it made the Top 25 list, but before we tell you why, here’s the theatrical release trailer:

The Goonies follows a group of kids in Astoria Oregon, who are about to have their homes demolished by the local Astoria Country Club. They find an old pirate map that leads to the treasure of “One Eyed Willie”, and realize that if they find the treasure, they might be able to save their homes from destruction. They find the first coordinates match up with an old abandoned restaurant by the sea, and discover a cavern beneath the restaurant.

As they evade a criminal family who seems to also be after the treasure, they are chased further into the cavern. This sets off a series of booby-traps and close calls that make the movie fun and exciting, and will make your audience both laugh and shriek (but mostly laugh).

This movie is a really great pick for outdoor cinema. As with all the other movies on our Top 25 list, this movie is almost universally loved by everyone! Kids will really enjoy the film, and it will bring back some nostalgia for younger parents and those who were around when the film was released. There are plenty of pre-movie activities that could be done with Goonies. You could set up obstacle courses with prizes for kids who can complete the games, and you could hand out chocolate gold coins as treats for movie-goers. Again, this film will really draw a crowd, and you won’t regret screening it in your community.

If anyone screens this film, or has screened it in the past, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected]

Dayton, Oregon: Outdoor Movies One Component for a Drug-Free Community

The Dayton Together Coalition sponsors free outdoor movies on Friday evenings in July and August. This one took place on the lawn at the First Baptist Church.

No one would deny that helping people in immediate need, particularly children, should be a priority in every community. But helping people understand and change the behavior that caused the need in the first place is even more important in the long run.

That is the mission of the Dayton Together Coalition for a Drug-free Community. And the good work done in Dayton over the past several years has earned it well-deserved recognition.

Equally significant, these efforts have been rewarded by renewal of a federal Drug Free Communities grant from the Office of National Drug Control Policy. What’s more, the five-year grant, previously set at $100,000 per year, has been increased to $125,000.

Out of 417 cities across the country that applied or re-applied, only 161 were approved. Director Gil Kerlikowske, President Obama’s “drug czar,” commended the Dayton Coalition for “working tirelessly to prevent and reduce youth drug use.”

The coalition is staffed by Project Coordinator Jaime Turley, who came on board in 2004, and Community Resource Specialist Lorrie Flores, who was hired in 2006. Their primary partner is the Dayton School District, whose administrators and faculty members play vital, ongoing roles in promoting the program and assisting with implementation.

Strategies to increase citizen participation across all sectors of the local population include connecting with parents about substance abuse, reinforcing family bonds, building communication skills and increasing the quality of services.

The coalition’s “Be the Parent” campaign, Strengthening Families Program, Cultural Competency presentations, Wellness Town Hall meetings and in-school and after-school activities all contribute to achieving the desired results.

Environmental strategies focus on changing or eliminating conditions in the world around them that create an atmosphere conducive to youth substance abuse.

Turley said, “We’re being pro-active. Our environmental strategies include “shoulder tapping,” where youths approach adults about buying alcohol, then give a ‘law reminder’ card to those who agree and a ‘thank you’ card to those who turn them down.

“Our ‘Sticker Shock’ Campaign places sticker warnings on multi-packs of beer, wine coolers and other alcoholic products that might appeal to underage drinkers.”

In addition, coalition members support OLCC undercover decoy stings where law enforcement cadets enter stores and attempt to purchase alcohol. A similar program is conducted for tobacco purchases.

They also advocate for stricter adult liability laws on the local level. Called social host ordinances, these provisions hold non-commercial individuals responsible for underage drinking on property they own, lease or otherwise control.

A most gratifying result of their efforts was recently announced by the state Department of Human Services.

The department’s Addictions and Mental Health Division set a goal for schools across the state of demonstrating that at least 70 percent of their 8th graders were free of substance abuse over a 30-day period. And Dayton Junior High was the only participating Yamhill Valley school to achieve it.

As much as the Dayton Coalition takes pride in the accomplishment, it recognizes that it is only one step on a long journey.

Current statistics show that by 13 years of age, 33 percent of youths have drunk alcohol, 26 percent have smoked marijuana and 14 percent have sniffed inhalants. Those are “sobering” realities, to be sure, but ones the coalition is trying to meet head-on.

Though studies to determine the extent of prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse are still being conducted, that is a rapidly emerging concern.

Perhaps more than any other area of substance abuse, Turley and Flores consider clear and open communication between child and parent to be essential for prevention. “Perception of disapproval by parents is a powerful force,” Turley said.

Prescription and OTC drugs are the least understood and most accessible to young people, yet are also the easiest for adults to control.

With assured funding, the coalition will be able to do long-term planning designed to most effectively target key problem areas, conduct ongoing programs, hold meetings, produce printed materials, enhance Internet presence and even buy advertising.

In August, its event marking the 5th annual National Night Out was so well attended it ran out of free hamburgers and hot dogs half way through.

During the past year, members have hired translators to make Spanish-speaking sessions a weekly part of their “Be the Parent” and “Strengthening Families” programs.

“Children of immigrant families often become the primary communicators,” Flores said. “With this program, parents who don’t speak English well appreciate being included and regaining some control over the situation.”

Turley said, “I’m happy to say that the community is making great strides. People are becoming more aware of the issues and the potential consequences.

“They’re concerned. They’re watching out for one another and holding others accountable.”

She said, “Lorrie and I are very passionate about the issues, but we’re not prohibitionists. We just want parents to take responsibility and that means getting involved.”

And that’s what I found out while OUT and ABOUT – observing Dayton Together Coalition staff and supporters communicate an effective message to the local community.

Karl Klooster



Roseburg, Oregon: Oregon Movies in the Park Going Strong

Movies in the park going strong, gaining audience

Outdoor Movies in Roseburg, OregonAnother big crowd showed at at the Stewart Park bandshell Saturday night, for the second of the Movies in the Park series.

The event is sponsored by US Cellular and the Roseburg Parks Department, with movies on weekends in June.

Even though the bandshell cover is not up yet after the storm damage a couple of weeks ago, the inflatable screen was set up on the bandshell pad.

The movie watchers gather on the bank with chairs and blankets to watch the movie just as they do for the Music on the Half Shell.

The movies start about 9:30 p.m., but there was a bit of a glitch on Saturday night because of the baseball game going on next door at Legion Field. The bright lights made it tough to see the movie until the lights were turned off.

Organizers say the crowd was bigger than the first night’s event.

There was face painting and snacks available, and some even did their own barbecues.

The Saturday night movie was E.T.

The next two movies will be on Friday nights at Stewart Park.

By Dan Bain
Source: http://www.kpic.com/news/local/48151267.html


Portland, Oregon: Flicks on the Bricks Outdoor Movie Series 2009

Flicks on the Bricks Outdoor Movie Series 2009

Outdoor Movies in Portland, OregonFlicks on the Bricks Outdoor Movie Series Presented by SmartPark

Pioneer Courthouse Square is happy to host another summer of outdoor movies at the Flicks on the Bricks Outdoor Movie Series! The series begins on July 10th at dusk and continues until August 14th.

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This Summer’s schedule of Movies:
July 10th
July 24th
August 7th
August 14th Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Dirty Dancing
Jurassic Park

All movies begin at Dusk on the day scheduled.


Portland Parks and Recreation Presents Outdoor Movies in the Park in Portland, Oregon

Outdoor Movies Presented by Portland Parks and RecreationPortland Parks and Recreation presents outdoor Movies in the Park this summer! These outdoor cinema events are great for the whole family, and best of all, they’re free! Movies begin at dark. Pre-movie entertainment begins at 6:30 PM so bring a picnic and enjoy!

Rain-outs will be called by 5:00 PM and posted at the park.

Thanks to our sponsors! X-BOX 360, K103 fm, 1190 KEX, Home Run Graphics, Metromint, Portland Parks Foundation.

Outdoor Film Schedule

Fri. July 3: Madagascar: Escape 2 AfricaMultnomah Arts Center
Outdoor Movies in Portland, OregonFri. July 10: Kung Fu PandaBerkeley Park
Sat. July 11: School of RockLents Park
Fri. July 17: Space JamPier Park
Sat. July 18: Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D –Dickinson Park
Wed. July 22: HairsprayMcCoy Park
Thu. July 23: E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialHolly Farm Park
Fri. July 24: Madagascar: Escape 2 AfricaBrentwood Park
Sat. July 25: Dirty DancingColonel Summers Park
Mon. July 27: Singin’ in the Rain Laurelhurst Park
Wed. July 29: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (in Spanish, subtitled in English) –Fernhill Park
Thu. July 30: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (subtitled for those with hearing disabilities) –Argay Park
Fri. July 31: Zathura: A Space AdventureCathedral Park
Fri. July 31: Kung Fu PandaKenilworth Park
Sat. Aug. 1: ShrekEarl Boyles Park
Outdoor Cinema in Portland, OregonSun. Aug. 2: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullSellwood Park
Tue. Aug. 4: Charlotte’s WebGlenfair Park
Thu. Aug. 6: Ferris Bueller’s Day OffBrooklyn Park
Fri. Aug. 7: HairsprayWillamette Park
Fri. Aug. 7: X-Men Origins: WolverineMultnomah Arts Center
Sat. Aug. 8: CoralineDickinson Park
Mon. Aug. 10: CasablancaLaurelhurst Park
Thu. Aug. 13: Hotel for DogsGrant Park
Fri. Aug. 14: The Wizard of OzLaurelhurst Park
Fri. Aug. 14: The Tale of DespereauxSt Johns Park
Sat. Aug. 15: School of RockSewallcrest Park
Sat. Aug. 15: Iron ManLents Park
Wed. Aug. 19: X-Men Origins: WolverineMcCoy Park
Thu. Aug. 20: High School Music 3: Senior Year (subtitled for those with hearing disabilities) –Parklane Park
Outdoor Movies Presented by Portland Parks and Recreation, OregonFri. Aug. 21: Iron ManIrving Park
Sat. Aug. 22: Blue HawaiiWashington Park
Wed. Aug. 26: The LongshotsPeninsula Park
Wed. Aug. 26: One Night in FrogtownSellwood Park
Thu. Aug. 27: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlHazeltine Park
Fri. Aug. 28: Mamma Mia! (Sing Along) –Washington Park
Sat. Aug. 29: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullLaurelhurst Park
Tue. Sept. 1: CasablancaDeNorval Unthank Park
Fri. Sept. 11: The Neverending StoryMultnomah Arts Center

Source: Portland Parks and Recreation -http://www.portlandonline.com/parks/index.cfm?a=248976&c=50362.


Roseburg, Oregon: Outdoor Movies in the Park Gather Friends and Family in Roseburg, Oregon

Photo Credit: Chelsea Duncan/The News-Review

Photo Credit: Chelsea Duncan/The News-Review

Jodi Rynearson remembers growing up in Roseburg when there weren’t all that many wholesome activities for youngsters. That’s why she was so excited to hear about Movies in the Park and its family-friendly approach to entertainment. The outdoor movies in Roseburg are a great family-friendly activity and fun for both children and adults.

“It is probably the most wonderful idea that they’ve had since I was a kid,” Rynearson said Saturday evening at Stewart Park, where she and friends laid blankets over wet grass and waited for the outdoor cinema showing of “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.”

She wanted to check out the scene before bringing her two young children. With the event now wholeheartedly mom-approved, she plans to bring them this Saturday, when the event sponsored by U.S. Cellular and the Roseburg Parks & Recreation Division will feature “E.T.”

Rynearson and others agreed the free outdoor film event offers the perfect opportunity for those on tighter budgets these days.

Wanda Bovee of Roseburg said she and her boyfriend, Khris Hughes, haven’t been able to get out of the house much lately due to financial constraints. Bovee heard about Movies in the Park and told Hughes they were going out. “I just asked if you want to get out of the house for a couple hours,” Bovee said, “and it’s free.”

The evening also included performances by the KCD Dance Studio and the Umpqua Singers, along with face-painting, free soda and popcorn, and animals from Wildlife Safari. Sherrie Langston of Roseburg came to the open air cinema with her two granddaughters. The girls, she said, were excited about the chance to watch a movie under the stars for a change.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Duncan/The News-Review

Photo Credit: Chelsea Duncan/The News-Review

“They can run around,” she said. “They’re not confined to sitting in a chair and being quiet.”

Steven Gillen, a field marketing manager for U.S. Cellular, was impressed with the turnout, calling it just shy of the number of people drawn by the well-established Movies in the Park in Medford. Even the cloudy sky and cool breeze didn’t stop a couple of hundred folks from catching the show. “I was a little leery driving up,” Gillen said of the weather.

Roseburg Parks and Recreation Program Manager Barbara Taylor and department coordinator Val Ligon were also happy to see so many people spread out in front of the giant inflatable screen used to display the outdoor movie. Earlier in the evening, they estimated about 250 people had arrived, but as darkness fell and the movie was about to start, Ligon estimated the audience had grown to about 500.

“I think it’s going to get bigger and bigger each week,” Ligon said.

For information about Movies in the Park, visit the city’s Web site at www.ci.roseburg.or.us.

Source: “Roseburg’s Movies in the Park draws hundreds” by Chelsea Duncan -The News-Review. Read full article at: http://www.nrtoday.com/article/20090608/NEWS/906089986/1063/NEWS&ParentProfile=1055#comments.


Roseburg, Oregon: Outdoor Movies in the Park Will Continue Despite Weather Delays

Despite weater damages to the outdoor cinema, the outdoor Movies in the Park will continue as planned. Photo Credit: Robin Loznak

Despite weather damages to the outdoor cinema, the outdoor Movies in the Park will continue as planned. Photo Credit: Robin Loznak

The show will go on. That’s the Movies in the Park event planned for Saturday night at Stewart Park in Roseburg. Despite damages caused by inclement weather, the outdoor movies are scheduled to screen as planned.

Or at least as long as the weather cooperates.

The city is in the process of replacing a electrical transformer at the Nichols Band Shell that got mangled in the windstorm that whipped through the city Tuesday, Parks and Recreation Program Manager Barbara Taylor said this morning.

So the first Movies in the Park is set to be shown Saturday. Family-friendly entertainment will kick off at 7:30 p.m. at the band shell. An outdoor cinema showing of the movie “Madagascar II: Escape to Africa” will follow, at about 9:30 p.m.

The pre-movie entertainment will include the Umpqua Singers and dancers from KCD Studio. Face-painting, the Pixel Magic Machine and animals from Wildlife Safari will be there.

The outdoor film event, sponsored by U.S. Cellular and the city, is free. Free popcorn and soda will be available. Pets and alcohol are not allowed in the park. Children younger than 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

This morning, Taylor said the showing, like all planned showings, is still dependent on the weather. That is because the inflatable screen and DVD equipment could be damaged by winds or rain.

“If there’s winds or rain or a chance of it,” the movie will not be shown, she said. If the show is canceled, the city plans to put a message to that effect on the Movie Hotline, 580-9498.

It could be awhile, however, before the band shell’s trademark canvas covers the Stewart Park stage, Taylor said. The canvas and frame also were damaged in Tuesday’s windstorm.

She estimated it will be about three weeks before a new one arrives from a Canadian company. “I don’t know if it’ll make it to the first (Music on the Half Shell),” she said.

The summer concert series kicks off June 23. But the Half Shell performances are set to go on as planned.

Taylor said she spoke to Bob Cotterell, a Half Shell organizer. “He’s already got canopies and backdrops for as many Half Shells as we have.”

At this point, the city estimates the windstorm caused about $30,000 of damage, Taylor said.

Source: “Movies in the Park will be shown as planned” by Kathy Korengel -The News-Review. Read full article at: http://www.nrtoday.com/article/20090605/NEWS/906059975/1063/NEWS&ParentProfile=1055.


Portland, Oregon: Summer Arrives With Free Outdoor Movies

Photo Credit: Nathan Harrison

Photo Credit: Nathan Harrison

Summer in Portland, Oregon means one thing: sunshine. And during the summer, people go crazy for outdoor activities and events like hiking, parades, and outdoor movies. The following is an insider’s guide to Portland’s outdoor cinema scene; everything you need to catch your movies under the stars this summer.

The city where I live, Portland, Oregon, is known for being rainy. Like, ten months out of the year. So when July and August arrive the town goes a little crazy.

It’s as if no one’s ever seen sun before. The citizens madly scurry about like hyperkinetic beavers, painting their houses, filling potholes, constructing new buildings, and generally creating noise and congestion everywhere. Not a weekend goes by without some major thoroughfare being shut down for a parade, a walk to benefit a popular disease, a “fun run” (two words that just don’t go together in my mind), a street fair, or a multicultural hoe-down featuring local blues bands and patchouli-scented hippies on bicycles.

In other words, summer here sucks.

There’s one shining exception, though: Summer means free outdoor movies. It’s become quite the vogue, in Portland and elsewhere, to project films out-of-doors, and each year my city is awash in free open air cinema screenings. Theater attendance may be down, but it would seem that people still love to watch a free movie under the stars with their butt crammed into a lawn chair.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular nights for outdoor films. This can lead to scheduling conflicts, especially if you have a fetish for family-friendly fare. Last year, for example, Bee Movie was shown at Holly Farm Park on the same night that The Goonies — a perennial local favorite, because it was shot here in Oregon — was playing downtown in Pioneer Courthouse Square, with the suburbs offering (oh dear lord, no) Daddy Day Camp. If you’re scouting out free flicks to take in with your kids, the best way to choose one is to simply figure out what’s closest to your house. Unless it’s Daddy Day Camp, in which case you’d have more fun staying home, locked in your dark basement, smacking yourself in the head with a rock.

Other nights, the choices are a little tougher. The Wizard of Oz or Shane? Hairspray or The Princess Bride? Dirty Dancing or Enchanted?

As I’m both a lover of movies and perpetually broke, the idea of gratis outdoor films delights me. But just because you don’t have to buy a ticket, that doesn’t mean they don’t come with a cost. Hell, even free, some aren’t worth the price — you couldn’t pay me to watch The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep again under any circumstances, much less while swatting mosquitoes.

But the inconveniences are sometimes more than worth it. The suburb where I live just released their summer movie schedule, and among the offerings are Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Kung Fu Panda, and Wall-E. I may even head to the park for Journey to the Center of the Earth. I’ve never seen a 30-foot-tall Brendan Fraser in a city park in 3-D before. Now that’s worth the price of admission.

Source: “Summer, the Season of Free Outdoor Movies” by Dawn Taylor -Cinematical.com. Read full article at: http://www.cinematical.com/2009/05/05/summer-the-season-of-free-outdoor-movies/.