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Win Big with Food Trucks at your Cinema Event Featuring Street Food Cinema

street food

Street Food Cinema-branded screen by Open Air Cinema

It’s a beautiful Saturday evening on Halloween night in Los Angeles. The weather couldn’t be more perfect.  Many of the people walking around the streets are wearing their costumes, masks, and big smiles. It’s about a half an hour before sunset and you can feel the Halloween spirit and a buzzing energy in the air. The Street Food Cinema outdoor movie festival is often held in Exposition Park near the L.A. Coliseum & California Science Center. Attending a Street Food Cinema event is always amazing, but Halloween night is especially exciting. Moviegoers and Halloween partiers alike enjoy a variety of delicious gourmet “food truck” style eats and a popular movie, under the dark, autumn night sky. This festival is currently the largest outdoor movie series in Los Angeles, and likely the biggest in the world of it’s kind.  – they have hosted over 100’s of events at 11 different locations since it’s inception.

For Halloween, the movie being presented for the festival was very appropriate – Shaun of The Dead, a witty but gory satire; featuring lots of laughs and of course a creepy zombie apocalypse. Over a thousand people lay their blankets and chairs out on the cool grass, grab a bite to eat at one of the many food trucks and enjoy the gorgeous sunset. The band performs, the Halloween costume contest is presented and judged and then, the main event – Shaun of The Dead. The picture quality is brilliant, along with incredible surround sound. The eight speakers provide such great sound you will literally believe that the sounds in the movie are real. The sirens in the movie made heads turn, more than once!

Street Food Cinema has chosen to use Open Air Cinema outdoor movie equipment for their productions.  Open Air Cinema is a Utah based company that specializes in the manufacturing of premier outdoor movie screens and audio video equipment.  Street Food Cinema proudly displays their gigantic 40 foot Elite screen. This inflatable screen is massive, with total measurements of 48 feet in width and 34 feet in height, and a theatrical grade projection surface. Using Open Air Cinema outdoor movie screens has allowed Street Food Cinema to provide a consistently high class experience for their customers which has helped them to grow the brand very quickly.

All in all, the delicious food, great movies and live music is a most spectacular combination. People and community come together and create incredible, memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

To find local food truck vendors, you can visit Food Trucks In , Mobile Cuisine or Roaming Hunger to find food truck style vendors in your area!

Best of luck,  please contact Open Air Cinema for all your outdoor movie needs!


This Colombian woman set an amazing goal for herself: garner mobile cinema experience from world over

Laura Silva Roldán talks to a group of students in northern Colombia

Laura Silva Roldán talks to a group of students in northern Colombia

On these pages you would occasionally see us talk about the lack of proper movie events in many parts of the world.
With only 5% of cities and townships that have cinemas, the Latin American nation of Colombia is not an exception.
What makes this nation of almost 50 million stand out is an initiative pioneered by Laura Silva Roldán.
There are actually a number of them. But first things first.
I’m very interested and passionate about mobile cinema, since I started in 2012 I’ve realized how powerful this very simple idea is and I’ve realized there are all kinds of mobile cinemas in the world that most people don’t know about.
Graduate of University of Cinema in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Laura is currently researching for a film with a working title Itinerant. Her goal is to gather the experiences of mobile cinemas in Colombia, United States, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, the UK and Netherlands. And South Africa — why not! Think
It is also a prelude of a project we’re developing for implementing basic mobile cinema infrastructures to run permanently in small, rural and decentralized urban spaces [in the Global South].
Thus cultural events can be provided to such communities all the time, at a low cost.
“One of the main goals is also to collect films around the world which constitute a Content Bank for community screenings and mobile cinemas around the globe,” Laura explains.
With a 12-year experience as a girl scout and now as head of Cine Vagabundo (The Wandering Cinema), a Colombian non-profit, Laura recently visited Open Air Cinema HQ in Utah to inspire us into a partnership.
And Laura is definetely good at that having previously secured support from such partners as Colombian Ministry of Culture, NBC The National Broadcasting Company, Brandeis University (both USA), BRITDOC, a UK-based nonprofit dedicated to reinventing funding & distribution for independent documentary filmmakers.
A Cine Vagabundo screening

A Cine Vagabundo screening


Open Air Cinema Foundation celebrates the Day of the Dead in Mexico

Words by Claudia G Covarrubias, photos by Román Núñez

Editor: Vladimir Cortez

As part of the celebration of the Day of the Dead, Cine Bajo el Cielo, a partner of Open Air Cinema Foundation, together with non-profit organizations Cambio de Juego, Pedaliers Desarrollo Ciclista, and Morbido, a horror film festival, organized a night bike ride and a screening of short horror films.


The films screened, Baskin (2013), Canis (2014) and Waterborne (2014), were a selection of some of the most terrifying flicks international cinema has on offer these days. Zombie Kangaroo, hungry wolves and strange cults provoked screams and surprises among the spectators.

The Day of the Dead is one of the most emblematic celebrations of Mexico. The indigenous tradition is mixed with the Spanish one to celebrate the day when the dead come to visit. For three days, altars are covered with cempasúchil, a Mexican traditional yellow flower, and food is placed to receive them and keep company to them.


Cyclists who participated in the bike ride were dressed as Skeletons, Catrinas, famous painter Frida Kahlo, comic film actor Cantinflas ( Charlie Chaplin once commented that he was the best comedian alive). … All these characters that represent Mexico. The bike ride started in Parque de los Venados — a park located in the south of Mexico City — and continued all the way to the house fortress of Indio Fernandez, one of the most emblematic places of Mexican cinema. This is where the horror shorts screening took place.


Emilio Fernandez Romo, better known as El Indio, was director, actor and producer of the golden age of Mexican cinema. It is said that at the request of his wife, Dolores del Río, El Indio posed naked to create the statuette that Cedric Gibbons was designing for the Oscars.

In 1945 El Indio began to built his house, a fortress where his remains lie, which is now a museum and cultural center. Each year the celebration of Day of the Dead is honoring the memory of him with a special altar and other altars for artists of Mexican cinema.

The screening was accompanied by burning candles which light illuminates the path of the dead for them to reunite with us.

On that night, at the screening of Cine Bajo el Cielo, El Indio and other stars of Mexican cinema were watching horror shorts with us.


Open Air Cinema to Bring Hollywood to the Mojave Desert

Smith's Drive-in

From Austin, Texas — home of pioneer for outdoor movies in the military Jim Maloy — to sunny California, where The 29 Palms Military Film Festival aims to bring Hollywood to the Mojave Desert, America’s Sun Belt states just can’t get enough of movies under the stars.

Throughout our history, Open Air Cinema, a global leader in outdoor cinema equipment, took pride in being able to entertain and inspire troops and their families with movies under the stars. We did it in Ukraine. We did it further east across the Eurasia.

This is why when back home, we were approached by Basic Lead, a Los Angeles, California-based event management company, asking us about the inflatable screen technology for their film festival in the Mojave Desert we had no second thoughts about it.

Variety advert for the California-based 29 Palms Military Film Festival

Variety advert for the California-based 29 Palms Military Film Festival

Not sure about the audience size (viewers will definitely come out in droves), Marc Berry, marketing executive at Basic Lead, knows one thing for sure — they want to bring Hollywood to the Californian desert.

And this is one of those cases when we at Open Air Cinema have no doubts: our Elite inflatable screens can handle the job!


Be always ready for your next big event with these media storage accessories and multi-tools from Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema sewed logo
Having 10 year+ experience in organizing outdoor movie events, Open Air Cinema team proudly presents a new super handy product: Event Producer’s Tackle Box.

It has everything to help you plug in almost any device, connect it to any audio device and make it an integral part of your outdoor movie event.

Media Storage

microSD HC 32GB

Nowadays there are just too many standards for video signal transfer from mobile devices. But the good old microSD is your best friend when it comes to pulling media from a good deal of devices. Most of Android and Windows phones and tablet computers have a microSD slot. In your Tackle Box from Open Air Cinema you will find a 32 Gb card which can contain at least 10 Full HD feature-length films.

microSD → SD Adapter

Now that you have your favorite content on a microSD card you might want to play it with your laptop or media player.
With this adapter and the microSD card you can create back-up copies and improvise with your content library for the event copying any media from your mobile gadgets.

USB Universal Card Reader

This tiny gadget has all the card slots that you can think of: Compact Flash for professional-grade cameras, Memory Sticks for SONY devices and MMC for that vintage standard of yours.

3ft USB Extender (M → F)

We don’t know why but device manufacturers have a nasty habit to put USB slots in the most inconvenient place. Let’s say you need to provide power through USB to one of those HDMI media sticks. This is when this 3ft USB Extender (M → F) comes in handy.


Multi-tool Kit

You can never tell when exactly you will need to fix a torn cable or replace your projector bulb. This is why we have you covered with this all-in-one multi-tool kit. Included also is an Electrical Tape.


Open Air Cinema is movies under the stars. When the flick is over and your mesmerized audience is headed home you are left with the often strenuous task of packing up. Darkness can be a problem. Just switch on the headlamp from the Event Producer’s Tackle Box

Cord Wraps

It is always a pleasure when during your event when the cables are kept in order thanks to these cord wraps.

There’s more in our Event Producer’s Tackle Box:

You can use these video adapters from our Tackle Box to connect to almost any device

Boost up your connectivity with these audio adapters from our Tackle Box


What’s trending in open air cinema in Eastern Africa in 2015

Pius John Mbeshere (in the middle) (photo from his Facebook profile)

Pius John Mbeshere (in the middle) (photo from his Facebook profile)

Following the publication of our post about developing the culture of Open Air Cinema in Tanzania last week, our long-time friend in the Eastern African nation, Pius John Mbeshere kindly shared the results already obtained over there.

Given Pius’ experience of work for FilmAid International on the border with Burundi and with Openair Media Communications offering mass screenings of awareness-raising films, it was an enlightening conversation.

What is your history with Open Air Cinema?

History started in 2007 when for the first time I heard about Stuart Farmer, president of Open Air Cinema in the United States. We exchanged emails between me and Open Air Cinema through FilmAid International answering questions with regard to equipment that Open Air Cinema was willing to donated to FilmAid International. In July 2007, we gave a warm welcome to Stuart Farmer who landed in the country with his donation of high-tech outdoor equipment in Kibondo (refugee-populated district in western part of Tanzania).

Discussion between me and Stuart gave me a full picture of what Open Air Cinema is. Together with Stuart and my technical crew, we held several lovely events in a refugee camp — twice a week for two weeks.

In 2008, I got an opportunity to visit Open Air Cinema Global HQ in Utah and worked in different departments as well as accompanied Open Air Cinema event’s team, helped set up and operate equipment. Memorable and notable events were Bridal Vail Falls Film Festival –proceeds from which benefit Rwanda Cinema Center — and one event in Hollywood.

What are the most exciting moments you had around the outdoor movie screenings in Tanzania?

Before I learned about Open Air Cinema, we had great moments when for almost five years we would project film onto a big screen tied up on two mounted containers or sometimes using a flat-bed truck. It was tiresome to install the whole system but it was exciting to entertain, educate and advocate issues through the use of films in Tanzania.

The most exciting moment came when in 2007 I started communicating with Stuart Farmer — I call him ‘my role model’ — about his intention to introduce new outdoor cinema technology to Tanzania. This was an unforgettable moment when my technical crew together with Stuart inflated a giant Open Air Cinema outdoor movie screen before an excited crowd in a refugee camp. Everyone: kids, youths and the elders were totally amazed by this technology and a mass of people attended this event.

In 2008 refugee operations in western Tanzania were reduced and gradually phased out by the government of Tanzania. Stuart Farmer invited me to visit Open Air Cinema in Utah, where he donated to me a set of outdoor screening equipment. I took it back home. We established a small media firm called Openair Media Communications.  We managed to host some free outdoor movie events using this set of equipment specifically working with Embassies (2010 FIFA World Cup final match England vs USA  at UK embassy in Tanzania) and other development institutions such as Under the Same Sun, Medecins du Monde, USAID and Media For Development International in Tanzania.

2012 – 2014. Openair Media Communications secured a project called “Giving the Voice to Youth at Risks” that was funded by Tanzania Media Fund and Medecin du Monde. One of the exciting moments during this project was that a community of drug users got an opportunity to raise their voices before the government and community at large on issues concerning their daily life. We filmed and interviewed the drug users, edited the film and projected it onto our Open Air Cinema outdoor screen in Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania.

What are the fields and communities that can benefit the most from Open Air Cinema technology in Tanzania?

Entertainment and education. Communities that can benefit from Open Air Cinema technology are refugees. There is another influx of refugees from Burundi coming back to Tanzania due to unstable security in this country. Tanzanians who like sports and games and development projects.

But according to my experience and knowledge community will benefit a lot through establishment of social business/entrepreneurship projects (development projects in general) where we will focus on solving community’s problems while doing business. This is where we can bring in Open Air Cinema Foundation.


Bringing Outdoor Movie Culture to Tanzania

Modern Glass Skyscrapers stand alongside older buildings on Dar es Salaams coast in Tanzania

For years, the Open Air Foundation has been assisting organizations in bringing informative media and indigenous cultural productions to marginalized communities around the world. Many more organizations approach us every day asking for even more support. Among them there are some projects that just can’t be pulled by a single foundation of our size.

Today we take you to Tanzania, one of the poorest countries in the world. It is mostly film-makers and NGO people who email us with suggestions on how to educate and empower Tanzanian communities with our outdoor movie technology.
One such enthusiast is Maricky Mvulla, a director and founder of Lukala Organization (NGO) who is “looking for support to educate my community in rural area in Songea, [nestled in southeastern Tanzania between Malawi and Mozambique.]”

If you are one of those people like Maricky who is thinking of placing a proposal with some funding agency or just kicking around ideas for crowdfunding to show your latest film to the rural population, please try to imagine how big of an audience you intend to target. And in Tanzania they say 70% of the population do not have access to television.

Have no worries about the lack of electricity in some patches of your target area. We have a lot of a great options for alternative power sources (solar, bicycle-powered, etc.).

Stuart Farmer, Open Air Cinema founder, explains, “The biggest issue for rural screenings in Tanzania is dust and dirt – making sure that the air filter in the projector doesn’t get too clogged. When we took our equipment to Tanzania, we encountered a lot of dust and red dirt, but we just added a secondary filtration system and it worked just fine.”

As for the bicycle-powered equipment, we can send you some literature on it. Please drop us a line here.

These are three ways in which you can use Open Air Cinema line-up indoors

As our name suggests, Open Air Cinema projection equipment is designed with outdoor conditions in mind. Our company is well-known for manufacturing huge screens that are simply just too big for most indoor locations.
But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you do not benefit from our equipment’s advantages during your indoor events. And after the high season is over you don’t have to put your Open Air Cinema Pro System into storage until good weather is back.
Here are three ways to use your Open Air Cinema console indoors:

Scenario #1 Halloween screening in the school gym

We design our screens to be durable and road-ready. Our blowers inflate the screens in a matter of minutes. But when used indoors their humming can be heard when your media is on silent. By design, the blower maintains constant pressure inside the screen. So it can be a bit distractive indoors. For indoor application, we would recommend the use of our sound-dampening blower boxes. For those of you who own Cinebox™ Pro 12′ HD or 16′ HD Systems, there is no need to install fixed screen for your Halloween movie night. Just use your complete Pro System with the muffler.

Scenario #2 Plan B When your outdoor film program is rained on

Our typical client is a film festival organizer that wants to entertain her audience under the stars. But when it starts to rain and you activate your Plan B (moving indoors) just detach your projection surface from the inflatable Elite screen and secure it on a wall of your Plan B venue. Or mount the Elite screen surface with holes and bungees on a metal frame for a longer use indoors (see picture below). Sigh of relief: No need for any other equipment!

Scenario #3 Open Air Cinema Audio-Video Console as part of your event ecosystem

In addition to film screenings, more applications of your Open Air Cinema Pro Console and Projector are on the table:
  • Powerful 1080p HD projectors are great for business presentations.
  • Open Air Cinema Pro Console’s state-of-the-art four-channel audio mixer that you can easily connect to the existing audio infrastructure.
  • Use our Event Producer’s Tackle Box for all the necessary adapters to integrate almost any environment.