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Win Big with Food Trucks at your Cinema Event Featuring Street Food Cinema

street food

Street Food Cinema-branded screen by Open Air Cinema

It’s a beautiful Saturday evening on Halloween night in Los Angeles. The weather couldn’t be more perfect.  Many of the people walking around the streets are wearing their costumes, masks, and big smiles. It’s about a half an hour before sunset and you can feel the Halloween spirit and a buzzing energy in the air. The Street Food Cinema outdoor movie festival is often held in Exposition Park near the L.A. Coliseum & California Science Center. Attending a Street Food Cinema event is always amazing, but Halloween night is especially exciting. Moviegoers and Halloween partiers alike enjoy a variety of delicious gourmet “food truck” style eats and a popular movie, under the dark, autumn night sky. This festival is currently the largest outdoor movie series in Los Angeles, and likely the biggest in the world of it’s kind.  – they have hosted over 100’s of events at 11 different locations since it’s inception.

For Halloween, the movie being presented for the festival was very appropriate – Shaun of The Dead, a witty but gory satire; featuring lots of laughs and of course a creepy zombie apocalypse. Over a thousand people lay their blankets and chairs out on the cool grass, grab a bite to eat at one of the many food trucks and enjoy the gorgeous sunset. The band performs, the Halloween costume contest is presented and judged and then, the main event – Shaun of The Dead. The picture quality is brilliant, along with incredible surround sound. The eight speakers provide such great sound you will literally believe that the sounds in the movie are real. The sirens in the movie made heads turn, more than once!

Street Food Cinema has chosen to use Open Air Cinema outdoor movie equipment for their productions.  Open Air Cinema is a Utah based company that specializes in the manufacturing of premier outdoor movie screens and audio video equipment.  Street Food Cinema proudly displays their gigantic 40 foot Elite screen. This inflatable screen is massive, with total measurements of 48 feet in width and 34 feet in height, and a theatrical grade projection surface. Using Open Air Cinema outdoor movie screens has allowed Street Food Cinema to provide a consistently high class experience for their customers which has helped them to grow the brand very quickly.

All in all, the delicious food, great movies and live music is a most spectacular combination. People and community come together and create incredible, memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

To find local food truck vendors, you can visit Food Trucks In , Mobile Cuisine or Roaming Hunger to find food truck style vendors in your area!

Best of luck,  please contact Open Air Cinema for all your outdoor movie needs!


This Colombian woman set an amazing goal for herself: garner mobile cinema experience from world over

Laura Silva Roldán talks to a group of students in northern Colombia

Laura Silva Roldán talks to a group of students in northern Colombia

On these pages you would occasionally see us talk about the lack of proper movie events in many parts of the world.
With only 5% of cities and townships that have cinemas, the Latin American nation of Colombia is not an exception.
What makes this nation of almost 50 million stand out is an initiative pioneered by Laura Silva Roldán.
There are actually a number of them. But first things first.
I’m very interested and passionate about mobile cinema, since I started in 2012 I’ve realized how powerful this very simple idea is and I’ve realized there are all kinds of mobile cinemas in the world that most people don’t know about.
Graduate of University of Cinema in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Laura is currently researching for a film with a working title Itinerant. Her goal is to gather the experiences of mobile cinemas in Colombia, United States, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, the UK and Netherlands. And South Africa — why not! Think
It is also a prelude of a project we’re developing for implementing basic mobile cinema infrastructures to run permanently in small, rural and decentralized urban spaces [in the Global South].
Thus cultural events can be provided to such communities all the time, at a low cost.
“One of the main goals is also to collect films around the world which constitute a Content Bank for community screenings and mobile cinemas around the globe,” Laura explains.
With a 12-year experience as a girl scout and now as head of Cine Vagabundo (The Wandering Cinema), a Colombian non-profit, Laura recently visited Open Air Cinema HQ in Utah to inspire us into a partnership.
And Laura is definetely good at that having previously secured support from such partners as Colombian Ministry of Culture, NBC The National Broadcasting Company, Brandeis University (both USA), BRITDOC, a UK-based nonprofit dedicated to reinventing funding & distribution for independent documentary filmmakers.
A Cine Vagabundo screening

A Cine Vagabundo screening


Open Air Cinema to Bring Hollywood to the Mojave Desert

Smith's Drive-in

From Austin, Texas — home of pioneer for outdoor movies in the military Jim Maloy — to sunny California, where The 29 Palms Military Film Festival aims to bring Hollywood to the Mojave Desert, America’s Sun Belt states just can’t get enough of movies under the stars.

Throughout our history, Open Air Cinema, a global leader in outdoor cinema equipment, took pride in being able to entertain and inspire troops and their families with movies under the stars. We did it in Ukraine. We did it further east across the Eurasia.

This is why when back home, we were approached by Basic Lead, a Los Angeles, California-based event management company, asking us about the inflatable screen technology for their film festival in the Mojave Desert we had no second thoughts about it.

Variety advert for the California-based 29 Palms Military Film Festival

Variety advert for the California-based 29 Palms Military Film Festival

Not sure about the audience size (viewers will definitely come out in droves), Marc Berry, marketing executive at Basic Lead, knows one thing for sure — they want to bring Hollywood to the Californian desert.

And this is one of those cases when we at Open Air Cinema have no doubts: our Elite inflatable screens can handle the job!


Luang Prabang, Laos: UNICEF’s One Minutes Jr Video Clips Screened in the Open Air

One of the most interesting components of the Luang Prabang Film Festival was the One Minutes Jr. program. Fifteen young students from Laos participated in filmmaking workshops held in Vientiane, Laos. By the end of the workshops each student had produced a simple one minute digital short. Each short was screened on an open air movie screen on the opening night of the film festival.

Oneminutesjr videos are sixty-second videos made by young people (between the ages of 12 and 20) from all over the world. Time may be limited in a oneminutesjr video (this challenges the youngsters to form their ideas clearly), but not the freedom to express oneself creatively, which is the basic right of every person.

The oneminutesjr network is a non-commercial community without any set political belief or ideology. The network gives young people, especially those who are underprivileged or marginalised, the opportunity to have their voices heard by a broad audience. To share with the world their ideas, dreams, fascinations, anxieties and viewpoints.

All the oneminutesjr video clips screened at the Luang Prabang Film Festival are available for viewing online at


Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies

outdoor movies

The results are in from the Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies list!  We asked outdoor movie enthusiasts from around the world to send in their five favorite spooky flicks, for a chance to win an Open Air Cinema 9′ Home Screen. We randomly selected Josh Dukes as the lucky winner of the screen, but we’ve taken all of your suggestions into account, and have assembled the final list.

outdoor moviesWe’ve divided the list into two sections.  “Family Halloween Movies” are perfect if you’re planning on screening an outdoor movie at your family or community Halloween party. These films should be appropriate for all ages, but of course you should always keep your community in mind when selecting a movie to screen under the stars. The family list is full of fun and entertaining films that are either directly themed around Halloween, or fit the list because of other reasons (such as the Twilight Series, which appropriately is about vampires!).

outdoor moviesThe “Scary Halloween Movies” are great if you are out to really scare your friends this year at your Halloween monster mash!  The list is full of classics, but also has some recent films that have definitely entered the canon of great scary movies that will be watched for generations to come. Most of the movies on this list are for mature audiences only, and so make sure you review the film ahead of time (or read our review), to make sure it is appropriate for your group.  All of these films came from Open Air Community members’ suggestions, and we think there are some pretty good selections.  Some of these films are definitely scary, and watching them outdoors in the woods with your inflatable movie screen will surely heighten the spook factor! Imagine watching Blair Witch Project in the Autumn woods, or Session 9 near an old abandoned building!

So check back to the blog frequently to see our reviews of the Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies.  We’ll have some great suggestions of special activities you could do with each film.  And if you are able to screen a film on the list for your Halloween event, post your story to the comments section of the particular movie!  We’d love to see how your event went!

And if there is a movie that you think was overlooked, and that has to be on the list, feel free to email us your suggestions to halloween [at] openaircinema [dot] us.

Happy haunting, here’s the list!outdoor movies


1. Beetlejuice
2. Casper
3. Corpse Bride
4. Edward Scissorhands
5. GhostBusters
6. Harry Potter
7. Hocus Pocus
8. The Nightmare Before Christmasoutdoor movies
9. Signs
10. To Kill a Mockingbird
11. Twilight Series
12. Young Frankenstein

SCARY HALLOWEEN MOVIES (Not for small children)

13. Amityville Horror
14. Arachnophobia
15. Blair Witch Project
16. The Exorcist
17. Halloween Seriesoutdoor movies
18. Jaws
19. Paranormal Activity
20. Rosemary’s Baby
21. Scream
22. Shaun of The Dead
23. Session 9
24. The Shining
25. Shutter Island


Open Air Cinema Profile: Eric Kabera of the Rwanda Cinema Center

Eric Kabera of the Rwanda Cinema Center

Eric Kabera of the Rwanda Cinema Center

ERIC KABERA is the Chairperson of the Rwandan Film Festival, renowned producer of ‘100 Days’, forefather of the Rwanda Cinema Center and many young film makers in Rwanda attribute their success to him. The reason being: ‘His work has yielded fruits’.

Since the inception of Rwanda Cinema Center in 2001, Kabera has trained people on how to produce films for a period of three years. His hard work later materialized with the introduction of the Rwanda Film Festival which was officially launched in 2005.

Kabera said: “I had watched several movies produced in Rwanda by foreigners and the idea of the local people producing their own movies clicked in my mind thus leading to the formation of the Rwanda Film Center.”

“Like any humble beginnings, the organisation (Rwanda Cinema Center) was started within my house but later with the help of different parties like; Ministry of Sports and Culture, SIDA, NPA and several others, it become productive.”

“It was the passion and desire to give something to the countrymen that drove me into starting the center.”

During this year’s 6th Edition of the Rwanda Film Festival, amazing short movies and comedies produced by locally upcoming movie directors and producers portray the fabulous work conducted at the Rwanda Cinema Center.

‘Africa Celebrated’ is this year’s theme according to Kabera, ‘one can celebrate even their challenges’.

He has produced over ten independent movies and his favorite is ‘Ingali lwa Alphose’ (Alphose’s bicycle). ‘Africa United’ is Kabera’s upcoming adventure movie yet to be released in September this year.

Born on July 5th, 1970 in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo to Mr. Pheneas Kabera and Mrs. Immaculate Niyonambaje, Eric Kabera is one of the last siblings in the Kabera family.

He attended primary school at Primarie Karisimbi, Keshero Secondary School, Goma Institute of Education where he attained a Diploma in Education and Child Psychology.

After dropping out of a Law School (Institute of Faculty of Law in Goma) he came to Rwanda in 1994 and worked as a Freelance Journalist for several Media Houses such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Writers Agency.

“I extensively worked with several foreign Media Houses after the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, the Writers Agency  in 1997 offered a special course in London regarding Media broadcast, writing International News which I participated in and attained a certificate,” Kabera explained.

“ I embarked on making documentary films and in 1998 I teamed up with Nik Huges of Vivid Features and made the first Genocide film ‘100 Days’ which I produced,” he said.

In 2000 Kabera went to Hollywood for a special training in Post Production, Directing and Editing with top Hollywood Producers and Directors.

“Although the course was expensive since it cost $250 per class and they were ten of them, I came back with the idea of strengthening the film industry in Rwanda hence the beginning of the long journey,” the enthusiastic Kabera explained.

Besides being a movie maker, Eric Kabera is a family man—he is married to Alice Migonne Kabera and they are blessed with three lovely children; a boy and two girls, Emika, Erica and Celeb respectively.

With the spirit of Eric Kabera, many are tutored and daily Rwanda’s Film Industry is heading towards a brighter future.



Fresh Air Flicks Premiers Monsters Vs. Aliens as First Ever 3D Outdoor Movie

We are thrilled to learn that Fresh Air Flicks in New York City will be premiering Monsters Vs. Aliens in RealD 3D – a historic moment in outdoor cinema! Never before has an outdoor movie been screened with this new 3D technology (“digital stereoscopic 3D projection”). Glen Sanders, the owner and founder of Fresh Air Flicks is a pioneering figure in the outdoor movie industry, and is one of the most experienced outdoor movie event producers in the United States.

We are not surprised to hear that Sanders is the first to introduce this technology to the outdoor movie industry. Although the technology has been out for some time in movie theaters, this is the first application in an outdoor movie setting. Hopefully this means that we’ll be seeing many more 3D outdoor movies in the future! If you are in New York City make sure to be at the Brooklyn Bridge on Thursday, July 15 2010 to view Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D. Click here to read Fresh Air Flicks’ press release describing the event.

If any blog readers end up going to the 3D screening, let us know how it went by posting to the comments below!

Outdoor Movie Idea: Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are was one of the biggest movie hits of 2009, and is available for film licensing for 2010 through Swank Motion Pictures Inc. If you are looking for a film that is entertaining to both adults and children, this is a great movie to consider for your next outdoor movie event.

The film is based off one of the most successful children’s books of all time (authored by Maurice Sendak), and was directed by Spike Jonze, the famous music video, television, and film director who also brought us Being John Malkovich. The story follows a young boy named Max, who is disobedient to his mother, and decides to run away to discover a world where he is the king of a group of monsters (some more scary than others, but all personable in their own way). Through his travels he experiences joy, sadness, jealously, and friendship while directing his monster friends to build a vast fortress, among other things. Ultimately, Max finds his true self, and matures through a poignant journey of discovery – all brilliantly depicted under Jonze’s direction.

We’ve seen some really great outdoor movie events where audience members are asked to dress up as characters from the feature film, and Where the Wild Things Are would provide a really great theme for such an event! Imagine the creative monster or max costumes your community members would come up with! Events we’ve attended where audience members are dressed up are definitely fun and exciting. Really, many of us want to dress up year round (not just on Halloween), and outdoor movie events are the perfect occasion.

Has your community had a thematic screening where you’ve had audience members dress up to match the feature film? Maybe you’ve been even more creative with integrating the theme of the movie into your outdoor movie event? We’d love to post your images and stories on this blog, so please send us any theme-based event images to [email protected], while making sure to tell us your story and how your event was a success!

It should be noted that some parents thought the film was too scary for some small children, so keep your audience in mind as you consider this movie for your outdoor movie event.