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Program to Bring FIFA World Cup, Technology and Life Skills to Kenyan Youth

Google Internet Classroom Brings Skills to Kenyan Youth

Open Air Cinema & Google Internet Classroom

Google’s Internet Classroom in Kilifi, Kenya

Each evening during the World Cup, the remote village of Kilifi, Kenya is lit up by a giant inflatable Open Air Cinema movie screen. Hundreds of villagers watch the World Cup games as they are beamed in by satellite as part of a special educational event called Kenya Field of Dreams.

Kenya Field of Dreams is supported by a non-profit organization in Kenya called Moving the Goalposts (MTG), which uses soccer and other innovative programs to educate girls and young women, helping them to fulfill their potential both on and off the field. The event is designed to instruct villagers, specifically the local girls, about technologies and empower them to share their stories and expand their horizons.

During the day, girls from several schools around the area attend workshops at the MTG Centre to learn how to use the Internet and receive other skills training.

Stuart Farmer, founder of Open Air Cinema, went to Kenya to train some of the female footballers from MTG on how to use the outdoor cinema system.

“This village in eastern Kenya is so remote, the people don’t even have access to television,” Farmer said. “Thanks to the generous support of Google, which is donating the outdoor cinema equipment to MTG, the people have had an educational and entertaining experience that will not end when the World Cup finals are over. With these newly trained young technicians in Kenya, the outdoor cinema system will benefit Kilifi and the surrounding community for years to come.”

Open Air Cinema has been instrumental in bringing outdoor cinema to communities throughout Africa including Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Africa.

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About Open Air Cinema
Open Air Cinema is the premier global supplier of outdoor cinema equipment. Open Air Cinema has taken its expertise in outdoor productions to produce the highest quality, most concise, easiest to use, theatrical-grade outdoor theater systems on the market. It is also a leading innovator in providing developing nations with educational outdoor screens and open air cinema equipment.


BBC Reports on World Cup Screenings in Kenya

To hear the story skip the player to 21.34

BBC Reports on World Cup Screenings in Kilifi, Kenya

For weeks now countless millions of us have been captivated by the World Cup. There have been moments of extraordinary passion and excitement, triumph and defeat. And the cameras can bring every second of the drama right into your living room…that is, as long as you’ve got a television. Because there are still places that are largely beyond the reach of television, places where they’ve seen nothing of the World Cup. But BBC correspondent Annie Caulfield watched salvation come to one lucky village in Kenya.

To hear the story skip the player to 21.34

Time Lapse of Open Air Screen in Kilifi, Kenya

The Field of Dreams team has posted some timelapsed video footage of the installation of their Open Air Cinema screen in Mnarani football field in Kenya. The footage was taken over a period of 2 hours as the team set up the CineBox system for a screening of World Cup football matches to local villagers.

Stuart Farmer from Open Air Cinema has been in Kenya training a team of young local girls to operate the CineBox system. In cooperation with Google and the Moving the Goalposts program the girls have passed through the training courses and are now setting up the inflatable screen by themselves every night.

You can see how excited the children are as they mug for the camera while impatiently waiting for the outdoor projector to light up. Also watch for the downpour of Kilifi monsoon rain about half way through.

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