Bangkok, Thailand: MTV Exit and OACF Screen ‘Intersection’ at Youth Center

The other day we posted about the screening of ‘Intersection’ at The Hub Youth Center in . It was a great event organized by Childline . But we didn’t yet provide much background information about the animation or about MTV Exit, the campaign that actually produced it.

The MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) campaign is a multimedia initiative produced by MTV EXIT Foundation (formerly known as the MTV Europe Foundation) to raise awareness and increase prevention of human trafficking. The MTV EXIT Foundation is based in Southeast Asia and has been working since 2004 to raise awareness about human trafficking in the region. They have produced a number of music videos and TV spots to inform youth about the problem. Starting in 2008 they staged a series of concerts in (see above), , , , Thailand, Laos and a number of other countries in the area. The MTV Exit team is preparing for another round of concerts over the next two years.

Most of the victims of human trafficking come from smaller villages and rural areas. These areas do not have ready access to media. OACF looks forward to working with MTV Exit to carry this important content to those will benefit most from seeing it.

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